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PIP camera rendering distance is lower than actual rendering distance
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With the new PIP cameras, I've noticed that the rendering distance of the PIP camera for driver/targeting pod/gunner views are lower than that of the actual rendering distance. For instance if you were to point lock a target with the targeting pod and put the PIP camera up in the sensors. At a certain distance it is possible to see the target with the pod or visually but appear to be "fogged" out in the PIP camera. This reduces the usefulness of the PIP camera view and can be disorienting sometimes.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Select a vehicle with a targeting pod.
  2. Lock a target with the point lock mode in the targeting pod.
  3. Turn on the PIP camera MFD.
  4. Start moving away from the target.
  5. Eventually you will notice that the PIP MFD is showing fog, while the actual camera can still clearly see the target.
Additional Information

See image for reference.

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