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Cannot call the virtual arsenal after patch 1.26
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I have tried calling the virtual arsenal as usual with ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; but to avail. {F24629}


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Steps To Reproduce

Verified game cache.

Disabled all mods.

Opened Stratis in editor.

Placed a supply box with ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

Opened as preview.

"Arsenal" does not appear in the context-sensitive menu.

Additional Information

I have rolled back to 1.24 as per the latest Spotrep and everything is working fine again.

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Same here. The Virtual Arsenal is completely broken after patch 1.26. Custom scripts and default BI functions are not working anymore. There is no error message in the log files (server/client). We need a hot-fix asap pls.

legman added a subscriber: legman.May 7 2016, 7:15 PM

I can also confirm this issue.

Some more info:

When populating a container to use as a virtual ammobox via bis_fnc_addvirtualweaponcargo or similar commands, the items do get added (verifyable via adding a zeus module and checking to see the infinite quantity as expected).

However, no action is added to access the arsenal.

More info:

I uploaded the rpt file to display errors when you save the inventory with the previous patch didn't happen.

Moricky added a subscriber: Moricky.May 7 2016, 7:15 PM

Should be fixed in the next dev build update

Lux0r added a comment.Aug 22 2014, 9:43 AM

Nice. What is the eta for the stable branch? Do we have to wait for the next big game patch (several weeks), or will you release a hot-fix for it soon? A small update would be appreciated, so we can use the VA asap in our missions again.

Thanks in advance!

The problem was with default condition. If you define it manually, it should work already:

["AmmoboxInit",[this,true,{true}]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

Alright, I'll test it :D Thanks!

phlux added a subscriber: phlux.May 7 2016, 7:15 PM

Awesome, thanks Moricky!

Thank you Karel, it is working now with the command:

["AmmoboxInit",[this,true,{true}]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

I still receive the following, non-critical, message though (happened already before, but as I said, not critical):

[BIS_fnc_baseWeapon] Class '%ALL' not found in CfgWeapons

This works if you want to have every item available via the arsenal.

Is there a way to get it working for when we've added items via addVirtual<weapon/magazine/item/backpack>Cargo as well?

As an example, the following does not work.

[this,["arifle_TRG21_F","arifle_TRG20_F","arifle_TRG21_GL_F","hgun_ACPC2_F","hgun_Rook40_F","arifle_Mk20_plain_F","arifle_Mk20C_plain_F","arifle_Mk20_GL_plain_F","SMG_01_F","SMG_02_F","launch_RPG32_F"],false] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo;

I am unable to call it via server script now.

_baseArsenal = [box1,box2,box3];//names of objects in editor
["AmmoboxInit",[_x,false,{true}]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;
} forEach _baseArsenal;

However this command works when looking at the box:

["AmmoboxInit",[cursorTarget,false,{true}]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

Entering it into the init field of an object does not work (for me at this time):

["AmmoboxInit",[this,false,{true}]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal;

Moricky are corrected errors .rpt file?

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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