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Thermal fences and buildings
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Since version 1.20 all fences and even some buildings light up in thermal, making it less effective and harder to use.


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Look with thermal vision over Zaros, it's a good example on how messed up it is.

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This seems to appear mostly at the far end of the view distance, and only for textures that use transparency.

It pretty much renders thermal unusable for scanning the distance, since there's so many false positives.

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Still true in latest dev.

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Do we really need to vote on this obvious bug ;)

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I don't think it is that obvious. As i see only the low level lod affected in certain situations.

Here is a splendid camera info which shows lot of affected fences. For the best result set viewDistance and objectViewDistance to maximum and object detail to maximum.


This is what you should see:

You can clearly see the issue in Drone Showcase. Connect to UAV or UGV and do the mission. Near and at Neochori is lot fences with false thermal image.

Here is a video of it:

Tested and it is fixed in the latest dev: 127639

Quote from change log:
Fixed: Added missing material to last LODs of walls

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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