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Sub-folders in MPMissions are not working correctly
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Missions inside Sub-folders in MPMissions are not downloaded to clients.


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Create sub-folder in MPMissions.
Add missions there.
Try the mission on server.

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Tested on dedicated server.

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Can't confirm this. All my testing has shown that subfolders are being send to clients just fine.

yeah but missions from subfolders are not downloaded to clients

Ooh, sorry! I misunderstood your ticket. Ignore my first comment.

Still not fixed in 1.34

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Can confirm in 1.62.138108 (perf v17) with linux server and windows client. It just doesn't download the mission and the client crashes at the briefing screen.
Why not just disable the server displaying pbos in subfolders if it doesnt work anyway. Atleast keeps people from tripping over it and crashing their clients.

1.72 and still not fixed, just saying. As dedmen said you should at least disable it if it's not working anyway.

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