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Inability to remove NVGoogles in Editor
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I have tried to use a script to remove NV Googles in the Editor but after loading the mission I get this error message: no entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons.NVGoogles'


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. write in a unit's initialization field the following:

this unassignItem "NVGoogles"; this removeItem "NVGoogles"

  1. click "preview"
  1. recive the error message no entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons.NVGoogles' AFTER THE GAME LOADS
Additional Information

I know that other people can remove NVGs. I don't know what it might be.

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have you tried
this removeWeapons "NVGoggles"; ?
that's what I've always used
maybe verify your game cache? I have no problem removing them.

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I've tried it. Recived the same "no entry" error. I have also reinstalled the game.


Google is the search engine... :)
Try with "Goggles" instead.

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What Chairborne said XD

Well, that was emberossing. Sorry.

If in doubt, scour the Config browser (usually in CfgWeapons). You'll be surprised how useful it is for finding classnames and such.

There is also the thing of them not just being called NVGoggles anymore, they have set colors for different factions.

yep, I believe they are "NVGoggles", "NVGoggles_OPFOR", and "NVGoggles_INDEP"

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