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Compass Issue
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When i go to my in game map, my compass is enlarged to make it easier to read but i cant fix the issue and minimize it. dragging it out of view doesn't really help either. Anybody have an idea or fix?


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I tried dropping a compass and picking it up again and nothing worked.

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have you tried doubleclicking on the compass while in map interface?

Yes and nothing happened

I have an issue like this but my compass is minimized and can't get bigger.

Yes, I have tried double clicking it just moves the compass around.

I don't know if this is similar issue to mine, but previously I was unable to interact with the compass on the map screen at all. This was apparently due to wrong aspect ratio setting in the display tab of the video options. It had changed (or I had accidentally changed it?) to 24:5 - Triple head. When I changed it back to it's correct setting (16:9 - Wide for me) I was able to move the compass and toggle it's size.

So, try checking your aspect ratio. Maybe?

On a second thought, as you guys can move the compass, my problem (and therefore solution) is more than likely irrelevant.

Also experiencing this problem. Compass is too small to read on the map screen and double clicking just moves the compass across the map.

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  • Compass is to small to read
  • double LeftClick won't change its size

game version: 1.29.127022

Issue is also persistent in older versions.


kind regards


The above is exactly what happens with mine. Same version but has been an issue since the game beta!

This happens to me as well, since Alpha but I haven't bothered finding a fix since even the enlarged is not big enough anyways.

As of "need more info", I found a temporary fix (next restart it falls back again), if you open your *name*.Arma3Profile in Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles and delete the following lines:

class MainMap
class Compass



Next start it will function properly as long as you don't move it, then it won't change size on double-click yet again. And sometimes after second restart it will get totally stuck at small compass even if you closed the game with enlarged compass.

Can't believe this still hasn't been fixed. All the info you need is in the video R3vo posted. There's a simple solution - just make the compass larger - same goes for grid numbers. Currently map reading is impossible.

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I have the same issue: Compass is small and on double LMB click, it just moves to a different location. It does not enlarge.

Yeah exactly.

What I'd like to see is the compass as a scalable option in the user interface options, same goes for the grid numbers at the edges of the map.

This is still a problem.
I have a side request though. If you fix the problem above, can you do another thing to the compass:
Make the compass, on a certain zoom level (map zoom), have such a size so it fits exactly with the 100m grid lines, so you can measure 10m (and estimate 1m). The compass already have the ruler lines, but they are interrupted by an air gap between the two parts of the compass and (said before) 10 ruler lines doesn't fit with map grid lines at any zoom level.

Having this issue it's very frustrating not being able to enlarge my compass it's stuck minimized double clicking just changes the location of the compass tried everything please fix this issue!

As only few has this problem I'm guessing a reinstall would fix it. Can anyone confirm or disconfirm (one who've tried it)?

Still an issue there, wanted to post a report but I checked for similar ones already posted, and I found yours.

The compass is stuck on " minimize " position for me, and i can't get it to change by double clicking on it like a few months ago when it worked fine.

The compass is just translating when I double click on it, but don't get bigger, and get back to its position when i double click again. The position animation of the compass is there but it doesn't zoom.

I would be glad if this could get fixed ! Upvote.

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This issue is caused by ACE3.

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No, this can still happen in vanilla. :)

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