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UH-80 door gunner too powerful against buildings
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UH-80 door gunner minigun 6.5 mm caliber destroy concrete buildings with around 30 rounds. For example air control tower on Stratis airfield {F24139}


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try it on editor.

Tested by placing an uh-80 to the taxiway directly west of the control tower and shooting at the control tower. Point of aim in the wall between the 1st and 2nd level windows. I tried it with an autorifleman too. He can burn through all his magazines without effect, but the uh-80 door gunner collapsed the building to first stage with as low as 26 rounds and completely to ground with less than 200.

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Also tested with Zafir, which uses 7.62 cal. rounds, again no effect.

And previously worked on most buildings on Stratis (Agia Marina). Haven't tried with latest version.

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thank you for submitting the ticket. I believe this is not a bug. Gatling guns are really capable of very extensive power despite their low caliber.

Please, see this video:

Thank you for your feedback, have a nice day.

Ok, fine it's powerful, but not that powerful. You can not bring down a building with less 30 rounds of 6.5 mm rounds. Or more precisely you shouldn't be able to. Even if the rounds were explosive that would not happen. You can not pack that kind of explosive power into a casing 6.5 mm across.

And to compare. Ifrit blew up after about 200 - 300 rounds. Now when you combine the facts, that would mean that driving an Ifrit at 60 kph (40 mph) against air control tower would collapse the tower, not cripple the vehicle.

And more. I tried firing the 12.7 anti-material sniper rifle against air control tower. Same point of impact at the same distance, and after 55 rounds (more than twice what was needed to bring down the building before) not even shattered glass or the cracked wall which is the first sign that building has taken damage.

Last note. If an re-enforced concrete building (looks that way because of the rubble) would collapse from 30 about fist size holes in a wall, none of the buildings would survive even a small earthquake (there were a few earthquakes in campaign, remember).

You know BIS - that faster rate of fire doesnt mean to have bigger penetration than 12.7mm

also your M134 minigun uses weaker 6.5mm tracer bullets (for some weird futuristic reason) and not magical .50 cal bullets

even IRL m134 (7.62x51) cannot take down a building with 300 rounds or more

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Awesome video :)

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Why are you downvoting? he's making a perfectly reasonable argument, backed up by hard facts. How on earth could you disagree?

Obviously Renz have no idea how the real m134 works - showing a old m134 video with explosions is a bad excuse to have unrealistic m134 in the game

btw guys vote this one now >

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It's not only the UH-80 6.5mm gatling. The M134 Minigun (AH-9 Pawne & WY-55 Hellcat) is ridiculously overpowered against buildings too. 30 Rounds and the Airfield Tower is destroyed (not completely).

Dear BIS manager, having crewed an MH60 blackhawk equipped with m134 miniguns, I can assure you that the video you posted is for the most part staged via abnormal tracer quantity and self-placed explosives. A minigun is frankly a 7.62x51 repeating rifle...very quickly. Could I write my name in the water with a gun? Yes. Could I turn a car into swisscheese and set some fuel on fire? Yes. Could I penetrate a brick or stone wall? No. I hopped in the editor and tested the AH9 against the air tower, and indeed the entire roof was demolished within a few trigger pulls. While yes lots of stuff would be broken with holes in it, the m134's simply don't cause significant structural damage. Please observe the following clip for a real m134 in action. There is no hail of flaming rounds coming from the gun. Just a lot of standard caliber bullets that will punch through soft metal, not harden walls.

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