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Terrain Builder causes random slowdowns and eventually freezes PC
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When using Terrain Builder, the computer sometimes has random slowdowns to a point where often it completely freezes and requires reboot.
This doesn't seem to be related to any operation in particular, sometimes it happens even on new projects, both with and without buldozer open, even when i alt-tab to other applications or want to test A3 running with TB and Buldozer simultaneously.


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Operate Terrain Builder normally.

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you havent Disabled UAC on windows 8 have ya ?
I had that , All BIS applications will freeze if UAC is dsiabled on WIn 8

just incase .

No i did not.
However i haven't used terrain builder in quite some time now, i don't know if it would still have this problem.

Do you use -exThreads=0 for it?

I am having this issue with TB on my Win8 64b laptop. (Laptop has Intel Core i7-4710HQ, 8GB RAM, TB running on SSD and dedicated graphics card nvidia GTX 860M / was tested on Intel card too, but without any change).

Here is the link on YT video, which tries to explain this problem a bit, though it is always better to actually "feel" it. I have not tried to show you how much laggy it can get as I do not really want to do that (I wouldn't be even able to turn off the recording probably).

I have tried the things you guys suggested but without any positive results. Also tried to switch on compatibility mode for TB, no results too. TB is simply 'not usable' to longer work, which requires changing focus into buldozer / other apps.

I don't honestly remember Kju, it's really been some time.
I used the standard parameters though, so if that's one of them i guess yes.
The problems i had were similar to what Sumrak described.

-exThreads=0 has to be set explicitly. Otherwise the engine determines what is most suitable to your system.

Can confirm this is now an issue with TB in the latest iterations along with very slow loading of Objects , this has only happened since the last 2 updates ( that was when i last used TB)

as per the video there is a freeze when selecting the viewport 2D area for anything between 10 and 60 seconds , the amount of data on the map or size of the map does not seem to reflect any linear reason

The terrain i was working on at the time was a mere 2x2km with less than a thousend objects so i guess it's safe to say map size doesn't affect it.

This is still an issue, it's impossible to work with terrain builder when i have to restart my pc every 30 minutes because of random lock downs.

Are you ever going to fix this or what?

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