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Addon Builder conflicting with Arma 3
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Whenever i have Addon Builder running and i launch the game, i get the message "Failed: App already running", and Arma just won't start until i close Addon Builder.
When this occurs i also lose all parameters set in Addon Builder.


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Steps To Reproduce

1-Launch Addon Builder
2-Pack something
3-Launch Arma 3 game
4-Get error
5-Close Addon Builder
6-A3 starts regularly
7-At next launch Addon Builder has lost all parameters previously set

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I get same , on restart of PC always , game and addon builder for me can run at same time but if i close addon builder and re open it will reset whitelist

it seems if you start addon builder through steam it copies 4 new files every time, not sure which files but this seems to reset the whitelist and paths to last addon built.

I start the tools i need from links i keep in the application bar.
I usually launch Addon Builder and Object Builder directly from there, i don't even use the Arma 3 Tools dialogue window.

Problem is still persistent, sometimes Arma 3 cannot run when Buldozer is open.

The problem is still present as of latest stable patch.
It was solved a few months ago but now it started again.

Sorry for waiting so long for the answer.
Our QA is currently trying to reproduce the issue. I was actually unable to reproduce it. Will keep in touch;)

I've just stopped using Addon Builder altogether and disabled auto updates some months ago to avoid it from messing with my settings and modfolder.
I can't confirm if the problem is still present as of today because my version is obsolete.
Sorry for wasting your time.

QA is not able to reproduce