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Moving buildings with attachTo doesn't reset them back when restarting mission or joining server
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When pre-placed buildings are moved with attachTo command they do not get reset when mission is restarted of when you join any game. This lets you locally remove all buildings, join public server and be able to see, shoot and move through buildings. {F23945}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached removebuildings_repro.Stratis mission
  2. Observe buildings around you.
  3. Activate "Remove all buildings around" from actions menu
  4. Observe that buildings are removed (moved to [0,0,0] with attachTo command)
  5. Restart the mission
  6. Observe that buildings are still missing
  7. Start any other Stratis mission
  8. Observe that buildings are still missing

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Bug\exploit is also actual in A2. If solution will be implemented in A3 it will be great to have it ported to A2 as well. Please do not just prevent pre-placed buildings to work with attachTo command as this feature is very important for missions where you need to remove certain buildings.

Hi, will process the request to bug report. Thanks :)

Here is related ticket to the problem of unremovable pre-placed map buildings and objects:

Asaayu added a subscriber: Asaayu.Dec 19 2019, 9:55 AM

Tested mission and buildings are not moved at all now, they remain in their position and do not appear to be affected by the attachTo command.

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