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Partial word search doesn't work anymore with v1.18 servers
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If you try to filter your search with partial words, either for the server name or mission, the results do not contain any server running v1.18

Even if intended, as mentioned in SITREP 51, it is major issue that needs to be fixed.

If there is absolutely no possibility of ever fixing it, then add a keywords option in the server config and Description.ext for server admins and mission makers to make their own keywords.


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Server Browser Steam
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  1. Search for "Alti" (without s)
  2. Notice there are no servers on v1.18
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still works fine with GameSpy

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This is a limitation of the Steam server browser.

Well the limitation has to be fixed. It's unacceptable.

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I agree, but I'm pretty sure it's up to Valve to fix it.

Yes, exactly. BIS must pressure Valve.

Hello, yes, the problem is that the Steam query doesn't support partial world match. There used to be a local solution, where the Steam has been queried for all sessions and local client filtered the results. The problem of that solution was that the client had to download the whole list of sessions (sometimes more than 2k sessions) and process them to find couple sessions that matched the filter. As the result, it took a long time to show results.

Case sensitive too . . . and must be the exact full name . . . . Gamespy, not so restrictive.

@George: Please add a keywords option in the server config and Description.ext for server admins and mission makers to make their own keywords.

@madsolosniper: It's not case sensitive.

I also noticed it doesn't list players anymore. I'm starting to think an alternative to Steam server list must be seeked.

I have a very similar issue to where I can't type in anything which will match any results. For example, even putting in the letter "E" will result in nothing. I mostly filter for the clan "EUTW" an before the patch, I had no issue. It wasn't till afterwards did I have issues with it.

The problem of that solution was that the client had to download the whole list of sessions

Why is that the case? Not possible to filter the incoming servers one by one? And refresh the display accordingly.

The player has to wait for all the servers to be received anyway with steam now, if he is looking for a specific one/type.

Not possible to filter the incoming servers one by one?

That is what I meant, browser is receiving sessions from Steam one by one. Each session has to be checked if it passes the filter and it's displayed, if not it's discarded. The steam is asked to return only sessions that contain words set in filter, so the list and checks are faster but Steam doesn't support partial words match, so sessions that are matching the word only partially are not returned by Steam.

Reverted back to downloading whole list of sessions and matching server and mission name locally. The partial word match should be supported.

r. 124228

0018736 - same issue and assigned to IceMan . . .might want to join these


We discovered that STEAM is (at this time) "case sensitive". If you put in "tacticalgamer" . . . nothing comes up, but if you put in exact wording "" (as shows in our server description) then it comes up right away. . . . also noticed it breaks even if you take the ".com" off. . . .must be exact and must be case sensitive and sensitive to any spaces.

It's a work around at best and the engine on this needs to be tweaked, but this info should go a long way to solving the problem

@George . . . . I'd agree with you if the solution of making our "filter" case sensitive and the exact name as listed, didn't in fact solve the issue.

And by case sensitive I mean putting in the name "" as a case sensitive search term in the filter.

PS - played it with once I got it working . . . and case DID make a difference, as did exact name as listed in the server line (not a tech type so I'm not sure where that is actually). Feel free to filter on "tacticalgamer" and then on "" and see if it doesn't make a difference.

@madsolosniper : Again, it's <b>not</b> case sensitive. I just tested with your server. The dot is part of the word, therefore it doesn't work if you remove it.

I deffer to @George on this . . .tested and he is correct . . . "Exact" name IS required . . .but case is NOT required . . . . . thanks George . . . always willing to take advice and confirm when I'm wrong . . . now about that "Gun Rest" thing . . . . . . ;-)

Solo . . . out . . . . . \

PS - Let IceMan know . . . probably want to put the info in that thread as well . . . 0018736

Resolved according CL.

PS - issue "work around" has been found. The problem really has not been "resolved" - the topic was "Partial" word search no longer works. This was not actually "resolved" we all just figured out the limitations of the Steam search (not entirely a good one I might add) and are attempting to notify our community of the issue.

Closed at this time because we at least KNOW the problem and there are soooooo many others to work on, but let's be realistic . . . it isn't "solved".

If it's not solved, then reopen it. The partial word search should be back, I've reverted the Steam query and results are filtered locally with partial word support.

It should have been fixed in:
EXE rev. 124229

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Can confirm this is fixed.

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