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Poor performance of Linux dedicated server due to 'mallinfo()' calls
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Hey guys,

we've just installed a Linux dedicated server on an Ubuntu 12.04 (amd64) machine with Intel Xeon E3 (Quadcore with HT enabled, 8GB RAM) and encountered a very poor performance while, according to htop, one thread of 'arma3server' ate up one CPU.

Running 'perf top' with 'libc6-dbg:i386' installed shows that approx. 90% of total system activity take place in glibc's 'mallinfo()', even with no mods and missions loaded, no users connected.

Same after loading COOP missions, mods and connecting a single player.

Further investigations showed that arma3server really calls 'mallinfo()' very often, so it is unlikely that it's a 32bit related bug in Ubuntu's libc.

This bug effectively renders the Linux dedicated server unusable, so it would be good to fix this in a hotfix. {F23745} {F23746}


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  1. ./arma3server -port=2302 -config=serverconfig/server.cfg -name=foo -noSound -world=empty

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I did another test:
in order to exclude 32bit-related integer overflow issues, I rerun the above test in a virtual 32bit Ubuntu 12.04 (i386) installation with only 2047MB of RAM attached.

Command line of 'arma3server':

./arma3server -port=2302 -config=serverconfig/server.cfg -name=foo -noSound -world=empty

Performance sampling commands:

  1. sudo perf record -p <arma3server_pid> sleep 10
  2. sudo perf report > perf_report_arma3server_virt_ubuntu1204_i386_2047MB.txt

Again, the same results: dominant activity in glibc's 'mallinfo()'.
I'll attach the output file 'perf_report_arma3server_virt_ubuntu1204_i386_2047MB.txt' to this issue.

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btw, server version string seems to be "1.16.113494"

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dazhbog: Glad this one got assingned.

Unfortunately, I can't link issues here, so be sure to have a look at which is somewhat related.

nics added a comment.May 5 2014, 12:21 PM

Since people start compiling their hand-tweaked LFS-glibc already (c.f., I'll give you my far more easier solution which will work on any Linux and without glibc modifications:

  • Get the attached dummy_mallinfo.c.txt and rename it to dummy_mallinfo.c.
  • Turn it into a shared object by
  • gcc -shared -m32 -fPIC -o dummy_mallinfo.c
  • Set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the _absolute_ directory containing that new
  • export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/wherever/:"$LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
  • run arma3server by
  • ./arma3server

This will replace glibc's costly mallinfo() with my nop-implementation at runtime.

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this is really awesome - I shared the link with the linux dedi server thread.

[edit] ICEMAN: can you please link this to 18556?

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can you please confirm the fix on current version?
Thank you.

nics added a comment.Jun 23 2014, 6:18 PM

Thank you.

How on earth do you download attachments? I'm trying to do Nics' fix for this issue, but clicking on the attachments above does nothing. I must be missing something obvious...

they have disabled the functionality..

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