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Planes get stuck to the ground and won't move.
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Sometimes, planes get "stuck" to the ground (for lack of a better way to describe it). You can run them up to full throttle and they won't move. It also can happen to planes that can move if they come to a stop (once again, sometimes).

I have tried this as simple as possible and it seems repeatable. I have attached a simple mission on Stratis that has only vanilla assets in it. Jump in the closest russian plane and it should be stuck (I tried it twice now).




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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a few planes around on the map (at airports but on the apron, not the runway or taxiway).
  2. Get in them and spin up to full throttle, if you move, try another plane.
  3. I haven't found the common thread as to why some do move and others don't.

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Getting stuck I only have on altis main airport at one of the hangars (1st one by the taxiway). I had it with the wipeout a bunch of times that it started to move again after I stopped, had to keep holding 'Z' or turn the engine off.

I could not reproduced the issue on Steam Stable (SP) usin your repro mission. Are you sure it still persists?

Thank you.

I have this issue as well, its happening on steam stable, user hosted and dedicated hosted (haven't tried SP)

sometimes it works ok, but the majority of the time planes get stuck..

Hello, I tried it in MP (both direct and dedicated) with no luck. What is the average ping to the server you're joining?

Thank you.

This happens on both a dedicated server (with a ping around 40ms) and a non-dedicated server (0 ping).

Sometimes, you can get unstuck with just thrust (not often). Our current solution is to pop the plane up .2 meters with a setPosATL and add some forward velocity of about 2m/s with setVelocity. This works (not all the time, but spam it and you will get unstuck). The only downside is that it damages the plane so I need to make it undamageable during the pop.


I have only noticed this with addons. Not A3. And since the author said "Russian plane" he might have user addons loaded that are interfering. Try to reproduce with no mods loaded. just removing them from mission won't change anything. Don't load any extras. I believe it's a flaw in the user addons and not the game. Using Arma2 stuff (Russian) won't work well either.

Today i found something out,... last time this happend also a lot of times to me,
when planes in my mission spawn, i cant move them forward, with full of power, no reaktion,...
also most of times is it 1st Hangar at main Airport... but not only, problem seems to be the tent-hangars!
Teleport plane away from hangar, it moves fine, inside Hangar it stuck...

also AI, when walk to plane, get in plane, start engine,... and 80% they dont,
able to move! without hangars Same position all works fine!

For AI dont know how to fix this, but for real player (Human) i found out, how to move forward,...
Change your user Controls in your Arma Settings for planes, dont use the (Analog) settings to accelerate and Break,
use the other one, (i mean, dont use the last in list, use the first ones at the upper part of the list).
then you never stuck as a human player with your plane.

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