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Terrain Builder: Object Randomization doesn't work
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Placed and Imported objects are not randomized upon placement in Terrain Builder as they are in Visitor 3 and Visitor 4(BiSim). Additionally, Uniform Scale in the same area only affects objects in the terrain builder view and not in buldozer.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.) Start a project in Terrain Builder
2.) Go to the Library Manager (under window if it isn't open)
3.) Right click on Template Libraries and go to Create Library
4.) Name it and hit Ok
5.) Right click on it and add directory
6.) Add a directory with models
7.) Select one of these objects
8.) In Template Properties window, under Template Randomization, put any numbers you choose (90 is probably good) into the pitch, roll, and yaw fields. (Make sure ones in + boxes are positive and - boxes are negative)
9.) Place several objects in a line
10.) Connect to buldozer
11.) Observe objects. Objects are all at the same orientation

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But cannot say when will be next release date. We have to solve(somehow) how to load binarized objects into TB.

Why not release the objects, buildings and vegetation as MLOD like before?

it is a very good question, but definitely this is not the right place to ask, and I'm definitely NOT the right person who can answer :-) Imho MLOD objects is the only way how to work with TB, because of a fact that ODOL(binarized version) does not keep an important information about snap-points(for fences, etc..).

new version of TB which contains patch for this bug was already released last friday. Can anyone give me a feedback if it works now?

Hi japa, seems to work okay nice one!

Are you aware that we cannot customize the color or shape of the icons of a3 objects in the tb map frame from object libraries?

seems to work fine..

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