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Tank Crew Bugs [Multiplayer]
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Hi there!

I found some annoying bugs when using tanks and other players as crew. Experienced in both Slammers and T100, can't say anything about other vehicles - but most likely it's the same there.

When being gunner, sometimes randomly the chosen weapon changes every time the commander fires.

When being commander, you are sometimes randomly unable to release smoke rounds, like the button does not exist.

When being gunner, it happened to me once, that I out of nowhere instantly had the amount of ammo of the commander .50 cal instead of the usual amount of ammo of the coax gun.

When someone is already in the tank and you step in, you can't change places. The other player has to step out, then you have to step in - and then you can change places while being inside the tank. Same, just the other way round for the other player - of course.


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Join a Multiplayer game.
Find at least one player as crew.
-> See above.

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I'd like to point out:

The first 3 issues happen randomly.

The last issue is happening always and so is very easy to reproduce. (and the most annoying of all)

In addition: I wish I could change the type of shell for the main gun in the action menu also when using the coax right now.

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These are all valid issues, however...

If there isn't a 100% reproducible mission attached to a ticket there's pretty much 0% chance of it ever being investigated.

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If that's true, that would be pretty sad. It's the Devs job to investigate the mistakes they made.

At least one of them is always reproducible, the last one.


thank you for submitting your ticket.

Could you please upload a simple repro mission on Stratis? It would help us in a big way.

Thank you.

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The bug about smokes for commander still present. It seems that when someone enters a tank in mp as commander then moves to gunner/driver and then the next person enters commander he is unable to use smokes(sometimes he also cannot move through seats in tank). I've never met the rest of the bugs.

The bugs are still all present in 1.26.

Sorry I had hardly any time and then forgot about the issue, just played some Arma again lately and was reminded ;)
Oh and sorry, I'm too dumb, I don't know how to get a multiplayer mission running. :o
Please just grab a buddy from your Dev team and follow these steps:


  1. You need 2 people. Join a server and get yourselves a tank (prefer one with commander gun like the T100).
  1. Both step into the tank.


a) You will recognize that only the one who stepped in first can switch the seats inside the tank. It should be possible for both to switch to an unoccupied seat at any time.

(Background: In most cases in multiplayer, 2 and not 3 people will share a tank, because nobody wants to be the 3rd person who just drives all the time. So these 2 switch between all 3 seats during playing, and have to be able to quickly. At the moment, only one of them will be able to switch seats, which leads to a whole lot of annoying issues during playing.)

-> This is the main issue which is 100% reproducible. This 'owner'-like system also seem to lead to issues on servers which have 'vehicle service' fields where you can repair and resupply your tank. Because e.g. the commander gun will not be resupplied in case there is a player as crew in it, while all works fine if you are alone in the tank.

-> The following issues also exist, but will appear randomly. You will only be able to experience them (hopefully), if you play around for some time.

b) Sometimes, randomly the chosen weapon of the gunner changes to the main gun, every time the commander fires the commander gun.
(So while the commander is firing, the gunner will not be able to use the coax, because it will change over and over again to the main gun.)

[This happens to me I guess averagely once per 30 minutes of playing with human crew in a tank. Maybe you can provoke it to appear faster if you as gunner and your buddy as commander just shoot around a lot. Afaik this wierd issue can be fixed if both step out of the tank and into the tank again.]

c) This issue also appears randomly and rather rarely, but sometimes when playing with human crew, at some point the 'Deploy Smoke' phrase will disappear as if it doesn't exist and the commander will not be able to deploy smoke.

Thank you for having a look into it!

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Still occurs.

+ 1 Still occurs!

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Yes experienced that recently during MP mission. Gunner weapon changes without selecting while commander fires (T100). All players in tank. No AI.

Still occurs