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Raise or get rid of the 144 group limit
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This has been bugging people for ages and is yet to see a raise in ArmA 3. Computers got better guys, as well as the experimental server performance binary... Even if performance might be bad with more than 144 groups, the option should still be there for scripters to use.

Many, many mission makers and scripters alike have seen the problems with this limit, and it is incredibly annoying.


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Try this in debug console:
for "_x" from 1 to 150 do{_grp = createGroup west;diag_log format["SIDE: %1", side _grp];_grp = "";};

In your log, after 144 cycles, you will see it say "SIDE: Unknown".

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wait, group like squad of AI? or like server cap?

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144 is the group limit per side.

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but you mean in an MP match as a server amount of players? or as the AI you can control?

Either or:

  • Have 150 players where each player is in a seperate group in a mission. It won't let you.
  • Create 150 AI all in seperate groups. It won't work.

Well, consider this: #16709

Seeing that, it probably wouldn't be wise, until it's all fixed.

The problem is, this has been an issue I think since A1... But I agree that AI needs some fixing overall.

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ok, so the problem is that you cannot plac more than 150 AIs in one mission?

You can, it's just that you can't place more than 144 GROUPS in one mission, so if you have lots of different AI groups you are going to run into this problem.

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weird thing that should be removed, yes, but the question is why you would want more than 144 groups?

"weird thing that should be removed, yes, but the question is why you would want more than 144 groups?"

I've played several huge Joint-Ops' where the amount of AI was too low due this bug. Most of the time 144 AI groups should be enough, but with the use of AI Improvements (like UPSMON, Headless Client, Alive Mod) you often see small groups which can work together, instead of large groups which always stay together.

Also, as gdscei noted; it also limits the amount of players to 144, when all are in seperate groups (like DayZ).

It would be nice if this number could be highered or even removed (unlimited), so the server (or HC) will determen the limit it can handle.

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i see your point.

But ALiVE its not an AI improvement

This would be nice. Please raise the cap to at least 1024! :D

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I'm also struggling with this annoying group limit. Can't see any logical reason for this limit of 144 groups! Will this ever be fixed?

Is there any progress on this issue? It is really bugging me out to work around this issue.
This should be the responsibility of the mission maker and server admin to make sure the load for AI is suitable and not some hard coded limit.

Just saw it on Reddit and would like to have this issue fixed as well. It's really weird you can have 3000 units in a group and only have 144 groups, Which makes no sense.

It makes really no sense, and it creates a lot of problems if you are a scripter: you can't infact group modules ...

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Now in Arma3 it is possible to create 288 groups. The ticket can be closed ?

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