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Unrealistic Weapon damage
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Ever since the new update the damage system seems unrealistic.

On average it take 3-4 center mass shots to put someone down ever wearing a chest rig and I'm quite sure chest rigs don't have ballistic plates in them.

Even with unarmored infantry or civilians, it still takes an unusual amount of shots to out someone down


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Set up and infantry unit any unit and see how many center mass shots it takes to kill.

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5.56 seems to take 5-6 bullet to kill someone centre mass
6.5 takes 3-4
7.62 takes 2-3

regardless of weapon (i.e. weapon mods etc.) 5.56 seems to do about as much damage as a spud gun.

In regards to chest rigs, these targets have bandoliers and rangemaster belts. Nothing heavy.

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Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

It says a lot when call of duty's damage model feels less gamey than arma's present implementation...

Body armour is grand and all but someone taking 3 point blank rounds to the back while barely flinching? Not even being knocked down much less killed. It's frankly farcical in something trying to be a simulation

One shot - point blank range in the face with an assault rifle. No effect. No blood. AI just winces. Totally ridiculous.

Just needs tweaking! Perhaps, 1 shot for headshot, 1-2 body shot (30% kill 1 shot, 70% 2 shot), and 2-3 for limb shots (as well as relevantly decreased accuracy and movement, depending on whether the hit was to the legs or to the arms)?

Not sure how easy that would be to implement, but it really feels needed! Especially now, since the update!

Or, just return the old damage system.

Yes, plainly put, AD2001 - quite simply - return the old system! :)

Kirill added a subscriber: Kirill.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

Correctly return the old system! Developer waiting for this!)
Let them work on a new system for DEV version. At the stable will be old.
But they should already start working on another system.

Alex72 added a subscriber: Alex72.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

Agreed again. Many tickets about this and all with a few votes. This has to change back to the golden days where it took 1 shot to either get seriously injured or killed unless hit in the arms/legs. Heavy caliber took you down no matter where you were hit - as it should be.

Now you have to empty a clip to take an AI down.

Added info from duplicate ticket, reformatted description.

gibonez added a subscriber: gibonez.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM

Game would be far better without the Armor.

Arma 2 felt great.

Bucic added a subscriber: Bucic.May 7 2016, 5:36 PM
Bucic added a comment.Jun 4 2015, 9:00 PM

Still nothing done in the subject.