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Combat stance- Nobody stands like that!
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In Arma the default combat/aware stance is Unrealistic. see my in game picture.
Try standing like that in the picture, go ahead. Make sure your knees are bent like that and your back is hunched over.

Feel like a comfortable position to fire a gun from? Forget firing a gun, Just keeping that position for more than a few minutes is exhausting .

nobody stands like that, look at every picture of the iraq/afghan war and see if you can see a single US marine or US army soldier standing like that in combat.

Look at my included combat photos showing many US soldiers in firing weapons in Iraq/Afghanistan.

Note the positions, Always at least one leg is straight to support body weight for a stable firing position.
The back is hunched much much less. It is most comfortable to fire accurately when standing mostly straight up.

BIS needs to adjust the animations to include more time when the soldier is standing like in those combat photo. {F22271}

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Those are training, not combat. And the 1st one is a little hunched but far far less than in Arma where he is hunched over like a 90 year old man.

@HaydenG Yes people stand like in the game, and is called "Wave" or "CQB Stance" the purpose is reduce silhouette, and improve stability, and absorption of the recoil, this is majorly used by Special operators since they receive better training, but was established in 2007 as the normal tactical carbine stance for BCT, try taking a look at House clearing videos from special units, and another thing, military train as they fight so the argument those are training is simply stupid, i simply suggest you go to the military for a while, or take some Classes with Tactical shooting and CQB before going out talking about what you clearly don't know

@HaydenG and Oh take a look in some videos of soldiers in "Go pro cams", the only stand straight up when they are behind cover, and where the fuck did you took this one that the leg needs to be straight to give better stance? both legs slightly bent will reduce the recoil and take out majority of joint stress, you clearly need to go to the military for a while

Clearly a downvote...
In the austrian army its taught just like that in arma!!
It gives you more stability when dealing with the recoil, just like crazydude said!
Experienced it myself, you can't See in a picture wheter it's like this or not...

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So much nope.

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The animations reflect what 99% of the players will expect to see in terms of a soldiers stance and his movemen, which is all they are required to do.

You may well be right but it's no really the point.

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The Arma 3 combat stance is pretty Silly.

It scream tacticool mall ninja and overly done.

More relaxed and natural stances would be sweet.

Do you think that when some .50cal hit next to you you will be relaxed.

Really guys, this is a 2 year old issue that has been massively downvoted. It's not even worth discussing anymore.