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Crash to desktop for all players in server upon starting mission, JIP works fine
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I've yet to see people complain about this and I can't identify the reproducible-ness because it seems to be random, although it does happen about 95% of the time

Basically, starting a multiplayer game the normal way (open the lobby, wait for everyone to join and pick their slots, start the game) results in everyone, even the host, crashing the desktop. Launching the mission with just the host having picked a slot, and having everyone else join in progress, works fine.

The only time I have not has this problem was a mission where the only units on the map were rangemasters and empty offroads. Perhaps it is tied to coop?


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce

Start a multiplayer server/mission.

Have everyone join and pick a slot.

Start the mission.

Enjoy the crash.

Start a multiplayer server

Only have the host pick a slot

start the mission

now have everyone join while the mission is running and the host is in-engine

it will work fine

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This is on the dev build and completely unmodded.

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I've noticed this happening as well. Quite annoying when trying to play a mission with a bunch of people.

We are running also Dev-Build on our Server and are experiencing the same issue. Everytime you try to start a mission e.g. with 5 people at the same time only one makes it into the mission and the rest experiences a crash-to-desktop. This is a serious issue for our community and i hope this get fixed really soon.

This problem is probably tied to some sound or graphical error since the dedicated server and headless client aren't effected by this problem.

Uploaded crashfiles to the issue. We have tested in Vanilla Version as well and got the same issue, it seems that it is not related to the mods we are using.

I have also been experiencing this, with a custom mission and 2 friends. Occasionally we all crash, but more often than not it is 1-2 people who crash as soon as the world loads. Not using a single mod, just a very, very simple custom night mission with enemies in two towns.

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definitely fix needed :)

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I am also encountering this issue. Running Dedicated server with minimum two clients on WAN as well as on LAN.
In the last couple of updates on Dev version, the problem is happening almost 95% of the times, including missions of Arma 3, like "combined arms"

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Had this error this evening. Running a custom mission, Picking a slot for all the 6 human players, Load into the Map Screen, Crash.

Have host load in, then players join in progress, and worked.

This ticket definitly needs a higher priority and severity! A reproduceable CTD for all players in MP with a high probability should be fixed ASAP.

We tested this issue and it seems to be related to empty slots (slots without player and AI). If all slots are full with either players and/or AI, we haven't encountered a CTD.

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This ticket definitly needs a higher priority and severity! <<<


A few more crash dumps would be great.

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My community has been experiencing this issue as well. Looking at NBRC_FOX's crash files, I seem to be getting a similar crash log. I attached my dump as Raws_ArmA_3_Crash_Files_Issue_0013407.7z.

We noticed the following on a co-op mission with five player slots:

  • Filling only one player slot does not cause a crash, and the one player is able to enter the game world.
  • After one player successfully enters the game world, other players are able to JIP successfully.
  • Filling more than one player slot consistently causes all players to crash to the desktop after the briefing screen and before entering the game world.
  • Enabling and disabling AI for all or some of the unoccupied player slots does not seem to affect whether players crash; e.g., if two players join and the remaining three slots are filled by AI, the two players still crash to the desktop.

I'll try to get a few more people who have been crashing along with me to submit crash dumps as well.

90% of time crashing when trying to play a coop mission with a friend. Related to briefing/init.sqf somehow? The crash problem occurred also few times BEFORE pressing the continue button in the briefing screen (both players were ready). Just waiting a little bit longer than usual and scrolling around map in the briefing screen.

Fixed: MP CTD when client submit briefing screen via the Continue button <<<

^^ From the September 6th changelog.

Can anyone confirm that this issue was fixed?

Definitly not fixed. Also it's not related to clicking the continue button (Since the ArmA2 bug where the gear menu is not working, when somebody clicked "Continue", we don't use this button anymore). Thus clients also crash, when only admin clicked continue to start the game.

Ok, seems that was referring to a different issue.

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I don't presume to speak for everyone but it appears to be fixed for me. I did have a friend crash once under the same circumstances on the latest patch but otherwise it was fine. If it's not fixed it has at least been reduced

I did have a friend crash once under the same circumstances on the latest patch but otherwise it was fine. If it's not fixed it has at least been reduced

We had a little LAN party last weekend and tested the patch immediatley with three players. Doln, you are right: We also noticed the crashes seems to occure less often. I also think this CTD happens more often on a dedicated environment, than client hosted games (but on client hosted games the host CTD more than other connected clients).

We tested several times and the CTD-Problem seems to be fixed for us. We are running a dedicated server and everything is fine now.
For those who are still experiencing problems, did you compare your new crashfiles to those before the CTD-fix on 6th Sep?
Maybe it is another issue.

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I can also confirm that the problem seems fixed. We had 3 nights so far with no problem at all. Well done!

No more crashes since a week here.

@Astaroth, it's fixed. Ticket can be closed.

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