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Vehicle Crews - Stop abandoning Vehicles - Add Repair skill and behaviour
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Tank crews should not abandon their vehicles unless they are completely unable to defend themselves (broken turret or clear threat of blowing up.).

Furthermore, Tank Crews -need- basic repair skills. In real life, Crews are trained to fix a broken track themselves, and perform basic repair works on other damaged parts all over the tank.

Allow them to repair Tracks -at the very least- but make them unable to repair -hull- and -turret-.

They also need to be able to repair their vehicles on their own! Right now heavy vehicles are too vulnerable and easily put out of the fight because of minor damage such as a thrown track, when they should be put back into the fight easily.


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Tank is immobilized, crew -stays- in the vehicle unless it becomes unable to defend itself (turret immobilized, gun destroyed, on fire).

If damage to track/engine results in immobilized vehicle, crew checks for nearby threats.

If friendly vehicles/troops in own squad are nearby, one will bail out to perform the repair job. If he is killed, second one will bail out. Ditto for the last one. Simple behaviour.

No friendlies nearby, stay in the tank until nearby enemies are defeated, then leave it to repair.

Once repaired, board vehicle again, proceed with mission.

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I would enjoy this a lot. Tank crews need to be able to repair their vehicles. They train a -lot- for this in real life.

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Field-repairing a tank track is not a matter of 1 minute but rather an hour.

Gameplay over Realism.

And in real life, the timeframe is so extremely dependent on situation you couldn't time it anyways.

I know that under Ideal conditions a crew is expected to put a thrown track back on in under 30 minutes, and with the tools provided, it is entirely possible.

Repairing the track should definitely take some time. 30 minutes is obviously to long for a game, but 3-5 minutes for a full repair would add interesting situations. Especially in cooperation with supporting infantry as they will need to secure area to allow the crew to repair.

Maybe the repair time should be configurable on er per-mission basis to allow for more and less realistic values.

voted down. IRL when your tank is damaged by ied or missile hit there is no possibility to repair it instantly with magical repair function.

Arma must not become BF or COD.

IRL you need heavy repair logistic to repair severe damages. it can immobilize your vehicles during days or weeks.

ingame if your vehicles is severely damaged you shouldn't have the possibility to repair it instantly. that's would ruin the immersion if a player would be able to repair a tank from a missile hit.

engine, track, turret broken = can't be fixed on the field.

broken vehicles should be transportable with special semi-trailer to a factory building (both to be implemented) and require specific delay. for ex : dozens of minutes, unrealistic but for gameplay purpose.

Agreed, in real life these repairs will take a long time. Track repair is probably the only one doable outside of a workshop with special equipment. And when the track damage was caused by an explosion the damage will not be limited to to track, but also affect road wheels etc.

Still, I think it will create interesting game situations. Providing security for the tank crew, deciding if it is safe enough to repair, getting a support vehicle in, etc.

Compare it to the medical system. That is even more unrealistic, patching up severely wounded soldiers and sending them back into battle. I will welcome a more complex system there, but absolute realism will not always create compelling gameplay.

Anyway, if the repair time is configurable you can always set this to 8 hours if you wish to do so.

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Vote Up:
Armored units are made to be hard hitters that don't go down easily. The fact that I can easily take out any armored/MRAP unit just by shooting out a tire is kind of sad. I can deal with the lack of "realism" for this because of the need for these vehicles to actually be a threat, not a nuisance or a reminder to carry AT on me at all times.

At the moment any unit with a .50 cal can stop attacks by MBTs simply by shooting out their tracks, and then kill the crew when they're bailed out. This is wrong

I think the problem could be fixed relatively easily by making at least one of the crewmen an engineer and giving him a repair kit. It might not be very realistic but at least it will make tanks/armored vehicles more of a treat than just an annoyance.

But please let us enter a vehicle again after being forced out...

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Not sure if it makes sense to allow tank repairs.
But abandoning the tank or not should be an active choice by the player.

It already is an active choice by the player. AI in player controlled vehicles only leave it on their own if it is about to blow up.

Problem is AI controlled vehicles, not player controlled vehicles.

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Well when I last experienced it i was alone on the tank, manning the gun. No AI controlling anything.
I lost a track due to an enemy firing at me. Instead of being allowed to fire back, i was thrown out of the tank. I would not call that an active choice to abandon it ;)

InstaGoat, you should separate the ticket into two. One for crew being able to repair vehicles and one for crew not abandoning vehicles.

While I generally agree with the ticket, I suggest that a gunner should never leave the vehicle if there is a threat around and his weapons are able to operate. Returning fire should be of higher priority to damaged tracks even if the gunner is the only guy left. A driver and commander could try to repair a vehicle under fire but gunner not. He should be firing until his guns are destroyed or he is killed in his vehicle. This way it would be relatively easily programmable and rational enough for the good quality gameplay.

Also, I think a turret and an engine should not be able to be repaired in the field by the crew (there are support vehicles and engineers for this). Only tracks should be repairable by the crew but it should take some time.

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Maybe if you'd read you would've seen that the OP said that he only intended for the crew to be able to repair basic damage such as tracks. Tank crews are indeed trained to quickly repair track damage unlike what you had said...

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 4:02 PM

Lets take at look at Russian army and tanks. there are no driver, there is driver-mechanic which can repair all tank if damage is not too bad. He is mechanic so he can repair engine, hull, tracks turret - ALL what doesnt require new parts and if he got a tools. What is wrong with BI crews? They disembarking damaged tank even if under heavy fire and waiting to die by its explosion. If you are mechanic, and repair their tank they will not mount to their vehicle, beacuse kamikaze mode and fighting with rifle VS tank, instead get back in tank and fighting with same weapon.

BI guy writed me solition:

Hey & thanks for the report.

AI leaves a vehicle if that has been rendered immobile (canMove = false). As for now the AI won't re-embark the vehicle once it canMove = true again.

You can override the behavior using the [^] command.


AI crew still leave the vehicle when flipped. Tested with:
vehiclename allowCrewInImmobile true;
vehiclename setVectorUp [0,0,-1];

gibonez added a subscriber: gibonez.May 7 2016, 4:02 PM

Screw gameplay over realism.

Realism should come first. I have no problems with being able to repair a track so long as it takes 30 minutes + of ingame time.

Idea is great, but BIS have it somewhere where the light does not come. I have my 2 sents as well :

  • Change AI behavior, so they will disembark ONLY when Damage level will be "RED" on HULL
  • Allow Crew members to fix tracks, engine and main gun.

BTW fixing track takes max 5 - 10 minuts to trained crew.

Sorry, but i need to BUMP this as its totally ignored. Please, make tanks combat playable, thats what we payed for!
Perfect solution is, when track is damaged, crew should wait till all danger disapear, scan horizon for few seconds 10 or 15, THEN disembark (one man) and repair track engine, or other part that is damaged. Repair time is diferent thing. Is this so hard to make it realistic and enjoyable?

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Upvoting.... after 2 years.