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Radar - new APCs shouldn't have it.
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I believe that radar in new APCs should be disabled(except AA versions of course). First of all, it will be more balanced towards "old" APCs and will give more realistic gameplay(because if those new ones have radar... then following that logic, why the old ones don't have it?). Furthermore the cooperation and exchange of information with other units would be more vital. Authenticity is the key ;).


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Additional Information - similar topic, but covering much broader spectrum of information, so I though it would be necessary to cover just this one topic about those vehicles.

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Agreed, I really don't see the point in IFVs having radars (except the AA versions, as you mentioned).

The point is having a clock for knowing where the vehicle is pointed and where you are looking, and from where you are being attacked. These vehicles should provide threat sensors, so I don´t think this system should be completely removed.

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Yes! About that I agree! The direction indicator(which we don't have in many other vehicles!) and thread warning(laser?) should stay, but the "magical" radar should definitely go. They did it the easy and not exactly very authentic way with the incorporation of direction indicator, missile/laser warning and radar all in one thing, so if you want one of these, you have to have the rest....

arziben added a subscriber: arziben.May 7 2016, 3:39 PM

I kind of agree but this sentence "because if those new ones have radar... then following that logic, why the old ones don't have it?" doesn't make sense (or is it just me ?) since doing something new is usually to improve from the old version

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 3:39 PM

Why would a ground vehicle have ground radar, way too much clutter to be of much use, not to mention terrain is almost always going to overlap against you.

This is why NOE is a viable tactic against radars, because all radar stations and ground units scan UP to a certain degree. due
And why only aircraft have radars that scan downward for ground units, since terrain, etc aren't as much of an obstacle but forested and urban areas can still be difficult to spot through.

The clock is fine, an indication of a missile threat maaaaybe...but tracking? Nope.

mbbird added a subscriber: mbbird.May 7 2016, 3:39 PM

If we truly want to give some kind of ground unit this radar, it should be specialized recon AFVs. BRM-1 is a good example of a (albeit cold war era) radar-based tracking system, and even then it should be VERY limited due to ground clutter. Everything else on the ground should not be capable of using a radar to spot ground targets. AA AFVs should have radar capable of tracking air targets, but that's it.

There's no reason for any AFV crew to be capable, at one single glance, of scanning an entire valley for targets and magically having a precise understanding of where they all are.

Byku added a comment.Jul 25 2013, 4:04 PM

Arziben - by old i mean of course marshal and merid, and by "logical", is that between "old" apcs(Merid and Marshal) and new ones the only difference is the fact that they don't have wheels anymore :P. I don't see any kind of "radar" on top of them that could justify the magical appearance of it.

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zGuba added a comment.Jan 14 2014, 7:12 AM

looking for feedback

Should be optional, set as difficulty or as description.ext/config.cpp param. Even better if you could allow radar on per spawned vehicle basis, but I'm just dreaming here am I? :)

Get rid of the magical radar. Bad for gameplay, not realistic.

zGuba added a comment.Feb 2 2014, 12:04 AM

I'm checking what is possible to be done.

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.May 7 2016, 3:39 PM

I think this is a stupid post.
It's the future, all vehicles have radar, get with the times!

The important question is when are we getting tractors and Mountainbikes?

"Get with the times" Do you know how radar operates?

There is a reason why radar structures tower so high and why vehicles carrying modern radars use gizmos that raise them high into the air, or for that matter why the only attack dedicated vehicles that get them are air units.

The ground would create far too much clutter for it to be useful on something with as low a ground clearance as a tank.

It may be the future but it's not that far into the future and none of the ground vehicles show signs of having a full 360 radar, thirdly it is a poor design choice for gameplay purposes, it gives tanks too much of an edge.

The real question is if YOU know how the radar operates and how it gathers information in the context of ARMA.

Maybe it has FLIR that scans the environment for thermal signatures and visual imagery, lasers it and puts a blip on your "radar" ingame.

Not plausible? It's the future!

"It's the future!"

that is just poor excuse to arma's magical radar that shows everything ...

Is it? IS IT!? What technology hides around the corner when we've already put computers into glasses. You don't know. So why not magic radar? :)

Is it possible for a optic system with sophisticated software to store data? Sure is, the tech existed since the 90's.
However said tech is also limited in that it requires a constant or fresh lazing to update the position of suspected targets and it does not distinguish friend from foe based on silhouette alone, without any tracking equipment or code recognition, the sensors would just see "a wheeled vehicle" "a tracked vehicle" and maybe radiation signatures, but it wouldn't be able to distinguish exactly what they are. Identifying should be up to the crew, not the computer.

An active update would require a fire control radar of some sort which would be limited to a 90 degree cone either fixed or in motion, this means that anything which leaves that cone should go poof, vanish off the map because the radar can't see it or the data hasn't been updated.

Byku added a comment.Mar 27 2014, 5:35 PM

It seems that the radar is not working in AAA vehicles although it is written in the spotrep that they should have it:). Here's the ticket:

zGuba added a comment.Apr 3 2014, 4:12 PM

Fixed by pettka long ago.

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