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IF female civilians are included in A3 as they were in A2 then they should be able to operate weapons and vehicles.
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Firstly before anyone says it, no this ticket is NOT related to the female soldiers one, the topic there revolves around women in military, mine is simply about civilian (The very core fundamentals in other words) men and women having the same capabilities.

The subject itself is very simple, if you are going to take the time to make female characters, go through the effort to model and texture then you should give them functioning gameplay capability same as male civilians. In reality women can use weapons just like men, it all comes down to training and know how so this isn't about military in any way.

So please, keep the political correctness, left wing and right wing crap out of here. We're not talking military, we're talking civilian.


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If you're going to take the time and expenses to painstakingly model a female character model of various types, unwrap, make the textures, including fancy shaders, then create the rvmat, then why not follow through and just make them the same as male civilians in terms of gameplay?

If not then you are just wasting money, creating something that offers nothing to the game while having a contrasting asset that does everything.

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Why wouldn't they be able to operate vehicles and weapons?

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Exactly. This is the way to go with the "female infantry soldier" problem. If you really want a female character, you can make her. Don't have to stuff it down the mouth of everybody else. /upvoted

Because you played ARMA 2.

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the problem is taht its not realistic to add female soldiers

This is about civilians. If you put yourself as a female civilian in the editor, as well as an ammo-box, you should be able to arm yourself if you so chose. This was not possible in ARMA 2.

I can't see this happening again though, with all the attention the other ticket is getting.

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in OFP it was realistic, female civilians could be armed, but then again, i disagree with the female soldiers thing

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Yes they could. Arma 2 saw far more variants of female types from young to mature however as mepwaygame stated, none of them are capable of even picking up a weapon or driving a vehicle.

This just puts the mechanics in place, if people want female soldiers then they could easily mod them in afterwards, leaving it fully optional for the user to download.

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i like nodunits comment they can just wait till the equipment tab is operational then they can add weapons and gear to the female civilians .

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and i'd also request childrens, like in VBS2, but BIS is not gonna add them

Based on what I did to the children of Skyrim I can see why.


Moreover, if the outfits, harnesses and helmets could be worn by female civilians, the same way as male civilians, no mods would be needed to create female soldiers. This could solve the whole female soldier debacle.
Everyone could have his/her cake and and even eat it: there wouldn't be female soldiers, so the game would remain authentic, but they could easily be created, so those who obsess over gender politics in gaming can knock themselves out.

I think if there might be Female Civilians I think they won't be able to get like every rifle.. Cause men does know a lot more of weapons then females know and not all females can handle guns well except for firearms.. Still upvoting but I don't think they should be able to arm with an MX rifle maybe shotgun or an firearm. Cause in real most females only use firearms and others are giving a lot more recoil to female body. And I'm an member of a shooting range so don't say anything on this comment cause I'm still upvoting..

@Dr_Death: Fair dues but there is a wide gap between two same height assets with similar if not the same skeleton versus one much shorter and smaller.

As much as I'd love to use the VBS2 arguement and believe me I would (cough rotorlib, walking on moving surfaces, fast roping) BIS likes to stress very much that BIA is something entirerly different.

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I'm saying something on your ridiculous comment. I don't care if you go to a shooting range. I also don't care if you know some women who don't seem to know as much about weapons as you seem to think all men do.

Some women, do not represent all women. Some men, do not represent all men.

Stop painting an entire group of people with the same brush.

There are 'some' women who are a lot more capable physically than the average man is. Being a woman doesn't mean you are weak.

recoil to the female body?? ..some women are probably bigger and stronger than you are lol.

While we're responding to brians999:

I was going to suggest that the vehicles also handle differently for females, to simulate the fact that they are not good drivers. Maybe even set some of the bigger, manlier vehicles as off-limits.

"females can handle guns well except for firearms"

I'm sorry, what? What were you trying to say? Is there a missing comma or a missing "not"?

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Would be a welcome an rounded decision to include female Civilian models with the ability to equip weapons.

As for military apparel, that is an entirely different kettle of fish due to the time and money that would be involved in modifying every single piece of existing kit to fit on the female frame; a noble endeavor but in my opinion does not take precedence over the rest of the game's development.

With the building blocks in place however, I'm sure that the modding community would be more than willing to accommodate this wish aptly (albeit at a later date).

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brians999, why dont you go suggest female civilians to spawn in the kitchen of the houses? or why dont you go play minecraft? and leave this feeback tracker alone?

Dr Death simple cause Minecraft is an bullshiting game for kids of the ages 1 to 7..
And you don't see the fucking point I was talking about.. I SAID that the common FEMALES don't know how to handle assault rifles like MX EXCEPT if they are military Females.. I said that it would be more realistic if most Females only can be able to handle firearms and that they could use assault rifles IF there is an variable filled in.. Cause Females AREN'T using assault rifles or any other rifles a lot then an small firearm thats what I said. And how do I know this? Simple cause I'm an member of a shooting range....

I didn't point out that females are weak.. I know some females that knocked down some guys in public lol..

I know that females aren't weak but the only thing I mentioned is that the MOST COMMON females don't know how to using an Assault rifle.. THATS what my point was.. If al the AI civilians are taking assault rifles when they find one why should that be realistic? Sure there are females that can handle them and this is nothing to point against them. But the most common females are ONLY using firearms .. And thats what my point was I SAID NOTHING that they are weak or something else.. Just that the MOST COMMON female are using firearms instead of Assault rifles or sniper rifles.. That was my whole point and I still votedUP? So, and this message wasn't for the people who CAN HANDLE an assault rifle cause I know some females can.. But the most apparently not and that was my whole point...

Make sense what I said now right? Cause its an fact that the most females are using firearms then assault rifles. Except for military females.

Guys please don't turn this ticket into another battle of the sexes. We get enough of that in the female soldiers ticket.

I understand the differences in physique and all of that but personalities, goals and so on vary so much in the civilian world that it might as well not be considered. What you see in one area does not reflect another (I know a grandmother who handles assault rifles for example, wouldn't believe it till I saw it.)

If we look at this inhibit from a coding standpoint then that requires more time and effort to add the code in to limit, not to mention it devalues gameplay.

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there ain't too much difference in the amount of females or males that dont know how to handle a gun, that's why there is an option to have the skill set to minimum, made for insurgency or people who never used a gun.

TLDR: your speech is useless

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Saw this ticket now,voted up.BI did a great job adding female civs in A2 but they were good only for immersion(not to have only men around towns).A3 really needs female civs and this time not only for scenery,driving and be able to use at least small arms(maybe pistols or smgs) would be a great addition.
Having female civs is a must-have for people like me that aren't only designing classic battle missions.
They have a role as ambience in towns just like the males maybe drive vehicles,or they could be used in rainbow six/swat scenarios,hostage rescue,vip escorting and so on.To people that can't find uses for them and think they're a waste of time it's not my fault your creativity is on the low level.

Put females in. What's the damn problem? Too lazy to do it? Hate women? :S

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Maybe, Czech used to be from the USSR after all.

I thought the game was supposed to be "authentic"? they totally have lived up to that with fantasy weapons, fantasy CSAT instead of Iran, no women, etc. My god, it's a great game but so lacking

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Yeah, they changed some of the weapons' names, so the weapons are totally made up.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Dec 18 2013, 4:12 PM

not quite, they just changed some values and the names

I miss the female civs in A3.
In A2 you had young men and woman, you had old men and woman, you had a doctor, a policeman, simply different civilians sorted in different genders.

What you have in A3.

Basicly the same civ over and over again just with different colour for the clothes and some other face.
Thats it.

Totally agree with feature request. This would make the towns a little more believable and if I remember correctly that's what we are trying to do - make ARMA3 as realistic as possible. The debate about the need for female soldiers can wait imo. Of course once we have female civilians what's to stop them occasionally picking up a gun as you quite rightly said. Mission makers will then be able to include these NPC's if they feel it will add to a mission.

Yes please. It always seem strange how in Arma 2 women had all the functionality in the game as dogs, and when I tried the Take on Helicopters demo, women could fly helicopters but not drive a car.

Yep, this is something this game could use.


I understand this ticket relates to allowing civilian females to use weapons & vehicles.

But I would suggest that the more important feature request is adding female civilian models. Presently a much needed feature.

The debate regarding whether female civilians can be equipped with weapons is secondary and in fact a non issue - if male civilians can be equipped with weapons so will the female civilian counterpart - obviously at the discretion of the missions maker.

Female civilians would make most missions much more believable - irrespective of whether they carry weapons or not.

It's only by taking the weapon (non) discussion out of the equation that this feature request will remain on point and not get hijacked by the sexist/misfit brigade as per the female soldiers ticket.