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Servers do not appear on multiplayer.
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I'd like to address that I have recently purchased the Beta. After installation I prompted myself to advance directly into the multiplayer setting. However, when I got to the end of the loading screen it did not appear to show any servers.

Update from comment by Fireball; default query string (without refresh) seems to be:

"not (gametype = 'DAYZ' or gametype = 'DAYZ_M' or hostname like '%dayz%' or mission like '%dayz%') and not (reqBuild<=108906 and requiredVersion=77)"

Looks like there is one 'not' too many.


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At first thought I had deemed the issue to be on my end to be the reason why the servers are not loading properly. Though after further evaluation from which I had taken action into browsing through the many listings of tickets within this site and other various Arma 3 Beta forums to find a solution. I have tried suggestions, such as to disable my firewall, made sure the connection of Arma 3 server connection was not being blocked by my router, and tried various combinations of changing the filter settings including the gametype, server population, ping setting, and the various types of servers catagories to show or exclude. All of which have failed and I bring this information to you so that maybe later down the line after larger game play issues have been resolved, that this would be brought to attention and resolved as well.

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I've also tried both the regular Arma 3 Beta 0.70 and the Arma 3 Dev version of 0.71. Both yielded no results of successfully finding any servers on multiplayer setting. If there is any information missing on this report that is crucial for further investigation purposes, I will attempt to supply as much detail as possible when prompted to.

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Update 2013-07-09, This update is for anyone who seeks the same answers as me for why the servers do not load properly. If you have found this message, that means you probably attempted to Google a solution to remedy this predicament, well here it is. You'll have to reload the multiplayer selection a numerous amount of times in order to get a selection to choose from. Sometimes you even have to restart the game in the same manner a certain amount of times as well. It will takes at least maybe 1 to over 100 tries to get it to work. I know it seems excessive, but this is the only way you'll be able to get it to work, this problem happens in ARMA 2 as well, but the trick to get it working remains the same in both games.
Also, try to just let the game sit at the main menu for about 5 - 10 minutes. Every time I do this personally it manages to display servers properly.
Hopefully this helps anyone who has had the same problem as I had.

Could it be a router/firewall issue?

EDIT: I realized you mentioned A2 already; so it could be indeed a NAT/Firewall issue.

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Certain ports need to be open for ARMA 3 multiplayer, similar to ARMA 2, etc.

If you have a firewall up, will need to forward the ports.

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I can confirm some of this. Started to happen or at least I started to notice this when DayZ hit A2. Server browser likes to show servers that I can't join first because I'm in different patch or dev branch etc. Then after x amount of refreshed it starts to show populated and servers that I can join. I don't remember seeing empty server list that much, maybe couple of times but refresh has always helped.

Looks like the default query string is:

"not (gametype = 'DAYZ' or gametype = 'DAYZ_M' or hostname like '%dayz%' or mission like '%dayz%') and not (reqBuild<=108906 and requiredVersion=77)"

on build version 77.108906.

It looks like there is one too many 'not'.

Update: I was too quick on my assertion that the one gamespy query was the source of the problem. Master85, of which I got the info just dug deeper and found out that it was only part of many queries which rely each on the previous ones.

The question thus remains why we don't see proper filtering/server listing.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please create a new ticket referencing this one and request for it to be re-opened.

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