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[FEATURE REQUEST] Add a Fastrope waypoint to the editor (only works for cargo helicopters)
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as fast roping has been confirmed in A3, Could bis implement a fast roping waypoint so that the AI will be able to use this feature while you are on the ground fighting.

would be nice to see a ghosthawk flying above your pinned down team (courtesy of the AI shooting you over 700m) and seeing friendly units drop the ropes and slide down :-P


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additional information would be... watch BLACK HAWK DOWN

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I absolutely agree with this. Fast roping is awesome and pretty effective.

Confirmed? Source?

The confirmed features list?

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yeah i believe so anyway :/
i did see something on that list that mentioned fast-roping

well better do ha-ha otherwise i just made myself look pretty darn stupid

Kudo's sir. This is somthing nice only problem are you compleetly shure FR is implemented? If not quickly make a new post requesting it otherwize your gona look a bit silly :P

Fast-roping will be sported by the engine
Armaholic never lies.

I believe there's already a ticket on fast roping. You DEFINITELY get my vote on this one. Hmm... What about SPIE rigging?

Whats SPIE rigging?

SPie rigging defenetly somthing i want to see in this game :P. Make a new post bout it.

oooo sounds good to me, someone request this quick :)

and I have gathered that fast roping has been requested in the past... hopefully BIS implements this awesome feature as I thought they currently already did WOOPS :(

at least its already supported I guess, I don't see why It cant be put in by BIS also...

Yep its gona be suported check the ArmAholic link its bout the features in arma 3 supported. Also this post is child of the Fastrope one. SInce you are talking about waypoints. I must say your idea is really cool. In A2 OA with ace everyone had the issue of AI not allowing you to fast rope. You always needed a humn player in the Pilot say if you wanted this to happen. SImpyl placing a waypoint where you have to set the hight of the Fast Rope insertion would be extreemly helpfull.

:) here to help the community

Don't see any tickets on SPIE rigging. Feel free to create one.

yeah I will not be creating this SPIE ticket as I do not really know about it.
or I suppose I just could create a REQUEST [SPIE rigging] ticket??
and people can comment and give information etc?

Mods people these will come in mods or later in updates... Trying to cram to much in a small window XD. None the less will vote for it as I do like even the shitty fast roping of ACE2. And maybe enough up voting will get it to us sooner.

AI cannot really use ACE fast-roping unless you script like fu*k
which I am not capable of doing unfortunately.

if BIS implements this feature, it will be done correctly and smoothly.
and well if this waypoint is implemented too 1000% easier :D

I already put some decent info here

Hopefully they will add rappelling in there with it. Each has its unique purpose.

Edit: I didn't really put as much info there as I thought. Maybe it deserves its own ticket.

Nope ACE2 will not allow you to script the AI to use fastrope. You have to use mission scripts witch are crappy. Thats why we want it to be implemented in the game itself.

I agree, smooth transition also no blocky scripts or ATTEMPTED animations

ATTEMPTED animations. THats the best description for some animations in BIS games i've seen so far. Yhea i agree some anims are quite sketchy look at A2 for instance but i gues they worked on it todays animations are smooth as hell.

exactly and if fast roping was made by BIS you wouldn't have that 3rd party blockiness I suppose

Exactly. THe problem with ACE was that its coding is compleetly different from the used If then that bis used. SO getting script to work was not an option at all. Unless you figured out a way to use 4d party scripting to make the 3d party work with the 2nd hand ace scripting to get it working into ARMA but yes lets not waste time with that eyh :P

im sure BIS will love to be sliding down a rope from a chopper, I just think its a very quick and efficient way of entering a battlefield

Its not really about the speed. FR is designed for when you cannot land a helicopter EG roofs or small roads. its quicker then searching for a good landing site. and pretty much allows INF to land where ever the hell theywant. Since larger Helicopters like Chinooks can carry a car or small apc this allows inf to be placed in a tight envoirment with a vehicle for support. (Look at BHD movie)
Also you should be able to fall of the rope. If the Helo makes a sharp evasive manouver and your not holding on enough you just fallw off having a nice physics effect.

like Blackhawk down lol

exactly. First day playing A3 Gets injured because he fell of fastrope. Haha sounds like somthing that would happen to me. Or as pilot you quickly move your vehicle everyone falls. Or detach the rope. Ore when doing Spie rigging and you cut the rope.. Ohhh now i want these functions..

yup starting to tease me just a bit...


whats your steam

TheDutchRecon i think. Should only be one of me (0.0)

Is BIS going to review this?

i hope so Dennis.. or what they will say is POST-release?

Not quite, I'm requesting the waypoint if this feature does get implemented

A year down the line and still nothing. Any fast roping module would be great, then we could synch it to a group, trigger and waypoint etc.

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Upvoted. Waiting for this since they confirmed fast rope as vanilla game feature :-)

We are all waiting for many things to be implemented. I have already lost faith in their ability to fix bugs or implement new features.

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Fastropes would work perfect with Physx, just like with Take On Helicopters, however, BIS never confirmed fastropes, and if they did and i dont remember, they removed it because they were too lazy. Hope the modders fill the hole

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There is a fast roping script, but I don't think BIS has either noticed or cared.

From what I've read, they've been helping improve the standalone DayZ.

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Well, no surprise they care more about DayZ than arma 3, after all, people pay more money for DayZ than ArmA 3.