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AI pathfinding issues in Agia Marina, especially bridges.
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AI units tend to have quite a few issues navigating around Agia Marina. They often get hung up at or even inside certain buildings.

In particular, the AI seems to have trouble crossing the two bridges: they often get stuck on the bridge and end up circling within a small radius on the bridge. As far as I know, once they get stuck on the bridge, they cannot get unstuck through normal means, including giving orders or assigning a new waypoint. They tend to get stuck closer to the middle of the bridge than on either side where it joins the terrain.

This can happen with single AI, but is more prone to happen with groups, due to added difficulties navigating with groups. {F20702}


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Open the attached mission and watch the three squads (use team switch) cross the bridges in Agia Marina. The ai will often get slightly confused on the bridge, and one or two members of each squad will most likely get stuck temporarily or permanently on each bridge.

(OLD)Go to the editor and place down some units in Agia Marina. Give them a waypoint or order them to move somewhere via squad orders during preview. In particular, put groups or single ai on one side of either bridge and order them across (or give them a waypoint). Watch as they get stuck and begin circling.

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It indeed happens regularly in Agia, but it can just as well happen on other random locations that AI will get stuck and get unresponsive. There are several tickets about this already. Some of them mentioning the old 'pistol bug' from ArmA2.

The issue I have is placing waypoints there, for example if I set 2 way points and make the last one a cycle way point instead he will run on the opposite side of the road I told him too then stand still when he gets to the end and spin around for about 5-10 seconds before looping back.

@Bootsy: I figured that at least part of the issue would be related to general pathfinding, but my main concern is the two bridges, as they seem to lead to consistent sticking, and the sticking leads to behavior where the AI can't even get unstuck with some help nor can they defend themselves (as they're constantly circling).

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Confirmed, AI have problems with bridges

confirmed, especially the bridge in Agaia Maria that are close to the "beach"
have serious problems.. I often see Ai who run arround in circles on top of the bridge or go from a-b on the bridge not knowing what to do.

  • They do however know how to open fire and shoot back ;-)

Aye, they do know to open fire...except they keep spinning and start spraying bullets (or worse, grenades) in every direction.


I've noticed that AI can't drive over the bridges easily. It's as if they don't consider it a road.

On the runway, they get stuck on the zebra-crossing-like markings on the side where you'd takeoff from.

Related to #11704.

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path finding is trashed inside buildings too just thought you should know :) and the outpost towers... AI cant climb stairs i was thinking of scripting a stair lift but i doubt the AI would be smart enough to use that either :)

Looking in the editor in the most recent dev build, it looks like the yellow road texture is broken and misaligned at the bridges.

With an AI approaching the bridge, they either stop at the base of it, turn around and find another way to get over the other side. Or cross the bridge either safely or getting caught on the edges and tumbling/flipping over damaging the vehicle. This goes for cars.

The units that walk over the bridge either cross the bridge no problem or spin around in circles in the middle of the bridge.

I hope this can be properly fixed for ArmA 3 as it has been an issue since OFP :O

Fingers Crossed.

@MadocComadrin: Yeah i've noticed that too, i think it was always the case, and probably why the AI don't seem to consider a bridge as a part of the road.

Strange i've noticed that too, but from 1 end of the bridge the AI seems to be ok to cross it, but at the other end of the bridge they refuse :/

But the funny thing is both ends of the bridge are not connected to the roads at all :/ (The bridge closest to the sea in the marina)

I've been seeing this with both maps and occurring at bridges (especially in Kava), streets, and building/fortification entryways. It seems like there are very few defined paths across the map the AI takes and when that path is blocked, (by a dead body, another squad's glitched waypoint or a pinned down squad, or just because?) the AI just walks in circles. The player has plenty of room to maneuver around the block/glitch but the AI just doesn't seem to see the space or be able to sort it out.

Sometimes, but not always, shooting the team leader of the circle-walking AI will cause them to figure it out.

The pathfinding problems have been trouble for the entire franchise, but as the rest of the AI improves (i.e. gets better at killing opponents) these glitches become more and more game-breaking.

Hopefully the campaign fixes these...

There's one more place they get stuck (or at least used to): end of the runways.

Where the zebra-stripes are? They couldn't cross those, at least on Stratis.

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