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Re-insert MergeConfig script command
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We wish to have back the mergeConfig script function, that function is used to merge a file that contain a configuration class of the object with the engine object, that make model maker able to work more fast because up to now any model modification require to restart ArmA.

That command open a lot of new possibilities for model makers and scripters, some of them are: create custom animations, modify speed, maxheight (aircraft), make models able to do or to don't do something, and a lot of other things that can increase ArmA flexibility.

Script usage (wished):

object mergeConfig "file.clss"; (please note, extension is for represent class file).

object mergeConfig object; (class can be stored in an object)

object mergeConfig variable; (could be modify only one variable)

mergeConfig "file.clss"; (can create custom classes)

object>>object2>>objectN mergeConfig "file.clss"; (can load/create class in trees)

I avioded to repeat the combinations of that commands for not be useless repetitive.


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mergeConfig was avaiable for some times in ArmA 2 OA, it could be improved and insert in ArmA 3

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Would cause a hackfest.

Couldn't you protect it by making it only executed by the mission?

MergeConfig load the configuration only for current session, new join in another server restore default configs.

in today's dev branch changelog:

Added: arma3diag.exe (includes diagnostic tools, excludes MP)

This command is a part of the new arma3diag.exe. Marking as fixed.

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