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Aiming Up While Prone
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When you aim directly up in the prone or urban prone position, or at least 45 degrees up, you look, at best, derpy.

This would require a lot of flexibility and abdomen strength in real life, plus adding the 40lbs - 150lbs you have to carry. Combining all of these factors with make it definitely impossible, and it's looks just plain derpy.

I would request to put a limit to how high you can aim while prone and urban prone, and if you aim any higher than that angle, your gun stops moving but you head continues to look up (similar to looking around using the ALT key or TrackIR).

An alternative and BETTER solution is when you reach a certain aiming height, you turn over and roll to your back. It would be a much better animation than going to high prone, because your silhouette is still much lower than high prone.

Remember, this game is a military SIMULATOR. It needs to be as realistic as possible. {F20329} {F20330}


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Go prone, aim all the way up, and activate freelook to take a good look at your character.

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This problem is with the default prone AND the urban prone (lowest prone). There is no need to put a similar limit on high prone.

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Can you provide me with a link to the original issue?

Ouch. In real-life, he'd probably sever his spinal cord from his pelvis.

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I've tryed this on my house floor(without Tactical wear though) , I find that if you use your left hand for support,you can aim your gun up to 90 degree, my upper body hold at about 30~45degree,but the gun and my head can pivot on shoulder and rotate form level to vertical, although it's very unstable to hold your gun with just right hand and shoulder, but it can.
So maybe just add some animes?

At first I thought Fireball meant the problem has existed for a long time but then I found this -

I agree with you anyway. This would be easy for BI to fix.

Why would a soldier do that in combat lol
We'd better use urban prone or high prone to shoot high, not this yoga thing.

Why would do so is just why players would pull their mouse up.
It's not so yoga,I haven't trained, but when I trying this and aimming upwards as required, it is very nature for me to use my left hand and more importantly,rotate gun and head only, rather than bend whole upper body.
It's not better than urban prone or high prone, but that is player's choose.

If you are interested i have find a way to fix this issue without put limitation to player aiming angle and look realistic :

Vote up, not just for the unnatural look, but using third person, this can be exploited to see beyond obstacles you otherwise aren't suppose to see. I get that third person assist with your surroundings and with limited peripheral, but lying behind a rock and tilting the cam to see what's happening other side that rock without poking your head out is just as unnatural.

So i would also like to see restrictions put on the cam tilt up and down when I'm prone.

Can this please be assigned to somebody?

StJimmy added a subscriber: StJimmy.May 7 2016, 2:57 PM

Hmm this is a good one because we now have the upper prone stance where it should be possible to go for higher angle. Up voted but this shouldn't limit the higher prone or sitting stance.

No, it shouldn't ^^

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 2:57 PM

Yes, it should ^^

It should not limit the high prone. ^^

That's what St.Jimmy said ^^

And how long does this take to fix?

Probably very long.

They just need to put a couple strings of code.

The unit should roll on its back when the angle of elevation is too steep. this is what one would do in real life anyway. Haven't seen any animation for laying on your back shooting up, needed.


The high prone/sitting stance is okay for shooting up.

@Killzone_Kid This is exactly what my ticket talk about :

@AD2001 The game is already ultra limited/featureless and we already embody a robot rather than a human with real ability (jump, climb, jump to ground and a lot of things like this) i don't see why we should limit or refuse more thing, i don't see anything that can prevent someone on prone position to just turn around and aim up, mainly when you are prone and that an enemy come to shoot you from the back, rather than the magically and ridiculous ground rotation my idea is visually more realistic and also for gameplay side more realistic.
The High prone/sitting stance must NOT be the only prone stance where we should be able to aim and shoot up, read my ticket !
I hope someone will make my ticket related to this one.

@AD2001 If you are prone it is 100,000 times easier and faster to just roll on your back than to sit down.

@Demongornot upvoted!

Yeah, it is. I'll add it to the description.

Vespa added a comment.Jul 29 2013, 5:21 PM

I understand the concept, but it is beyond your possibilities now to do that. We could limit aiming angles more, but this would not make any sense and only frustrate players. Current state is the best compromise, though not proper form.

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