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Controllable spotlight/searchlight on Heli
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Is it possible to add a moveable spotlight/searchlight at Helicopters, maybe controllable from the co-pilot seat or the crew....

Maybe a helpfully tool for rescue missions or something like this :)


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Good idea. Pilot-controllable, by pressing the "optic" key.

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i think it´s better if this light is controllable by the co-pilot because the pilot looks at night at the displays and contoll the heli and have no time to spot people on the ground

Nice idea! But I would say only controllable from co-pilot, the team would need an extra monitor because they have not that good sight as the co-pilot.

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it could be added in combination with the co pilot screen idea

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Great idea! I'd vote for having it co-pilot controlled but at least usable in a fixed angle by the pilot.

Is this actually realistic? Because I have no idea if it is.

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Very actual and realistic, police and new helis have that ability

Very realistic, helicopters often use these lamps to see their surroundings upon landing more often than searching.

How would it be controlled? I'd imagine that another monitor would need to be implemented.

@NodUnit, no, you didn't get it, the lights you're talking about are the landing lights, nopuls is talking about a mobile spotlight

Normally the spot- or searchlight is controlled via a small joystick. No need for an extra monitor.

@arziben no he does get it. Having a spotlight enables a pilot to scan his landing zone from angles and at distances where normal landing lights would not reach. I think this is a great idea.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but this feature is at least partially implimented already on both variants of the hellcat. The copilot has control of a camera pod which also has a searchlight which points wherever the copilot is looking. To activate it the pilot simply activates the external lights using the action menu.

In real helos landing lights can be used as spotlight.

Also some police helicopters are equipped with FLIR and spotlight. But im not sure that FLIR camera may control a spotlight or it has separate control.

Tilion confirmed the functionality exists in the engine in July 2013:

Hellcat already has this feature. But it's broken at the moment.

Proof that it worked at some point:

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