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New optic works with NVGs
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The 3d optic working with NVGs.This shouldn't be,for this purpose should be used an NV scopes. {F20255}


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-Create night enviroment.
-Take gun with HAMR,ARCO or MRCO.
-Aim with magnification.
-Switch to NV googles.

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I disagree with this... the size of the night vision goggles in Arma 3 would easily allow for you to use NVGs while using the new 3D scopes.

Please, do not change this.

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I agree with evenlease, I hate night missions and trying to play multiplayer. I always use scopes and previously it was always a pain not being able to use night vision. Then you have idiots using FLIR scopes and shooting friendlies. I like the way it is as well with being able to use NVG with the 3D scopes. Night missions are alot better though than arma 2, its more realistic and you really don't need night vision, but its an advantage to have. But I still like the current setup in game. Leave it alone please!

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Just checked, appears the the NVG's do not in fact have enough length to collide with the scopes on rifles..

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@NodUnit: Nor do the eyes - so whats the point?

Arma2: Monocular NVG
Arma3: Biocular NVG

So its as eays to aim though a scope with biocular NVGs as it is with the eyes only.
In Arma2 (and before) the NVG would get in the way with the butt of the gun itself.

Its fine now: let us use the NVGs with any scope we want.

For those who are trying to downvote this; you need to understand that even if you could get your head behind a magnified optic wearing an NVG that it would be impossible to get the correct eye relief and centre the tube up with the optic. Because of the way that the optics are focused, neither will you be able to make use of the reticule as it will be distorted. This is the reason you will find that for magnified optics it is necessary that the night vision units are mounted in FRONT of the optic.

The way that it is in the game as of this writing is in no way realistic or authentic. I'm sure that soon enough BHI will give us scopes that are suitable for night. With the modular attachment system this will allow you to pair it with any weapon you desire for your night fighting needs.

Seeing as that will satisfy your requirements I would ask you to be patient and not needlessly compromise on the authenticity of the simulation.

This should be changed because if you want to use a scope in the night time you must use NV scope for that or NV adapter

@machineabuse is absolutely right! It seems that people who downvote this don't get the basics of optics which has lens. Scopes with lens require eye positioning in the certain range behind the scope to be in focus. You can't simply look through NVG into the scope - you won't see anything focused. Only holo sights are suitable for NVGs.

Upvoted, im not gonna explaine why becuase there are informed gentelmen who have already done so like machineabuse above me.

Upvoted, completely agree, with the system we have now there is no drawback to fighting at night.

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/upvoted, this will completelly eliminate the use of the night vision optics that (hopefully) are going to be introduced in the future.

Arma does not and should neve need artificial drawbacks for balancing ever.

I suggest reading machineabuse's note again. This has nothing to do with balancing and it's realistic.

@ProGamer The RCO or in real life called the Trijicon ACOG which is a NOD(Night of Day) optic are claimed to be night vision compatible, but they mean a rail mounted night vision device, from people who used both say the reticule blooms rendering it useless. Using it with goggles on the otherhand is out of the question it would take an absurd amount of time and be incredibly uncomfortable, The NVG tube and ACOG tube would needed to be lined up, useless. The ARCO or in real life called the ELCAN Specter is also only compatible with a rail mounted NVD. Arma 3 is a simulation, I know a lot of people want it to be easier but if your going to play a sim, it needs to be as realistic as possible. The scope system before the BETA was fine. Just look at this image anyway.

@ProGamer. No, you cannot. The only optics that listed as NV compatible are unmagnified. Optics with magnification need objective lens NV solutions (That means that the light amplifier goes in FRONT of the scope).

The way it is now is pure fiction.

@ProGamer.Well 2 things - you are troll,or you're just silly.
Only one wat to use optic with NV is a

This isn't possible to use it with NV googles.Only one thing that you can see uses this method is a blur in sight.

This is an image of a PVS-14 rigidly mounted with the ACOG in front.

As you can see, even if you manage to align both the NV tube and the optic, the resulting image is severely focus degraded, the BDC incomprehensible and if the reticule is illuminated the Tritium will be so bright that it washes out the center of the reticule completely.

So when is this going to get fixed? The issue is there for many months now.

Actually, you shouldn't even be able to use normal sights like this, or at least it would be extremely difficult. Iron sights are of course completely impossible IRL as well.

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Just make sure that the AI understands it too, because they shoot fine looking through scopes at night currently.

AI don't really care about scopes anyway as far as I know. They fire just as well with no sights at all.