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Invisible night vision goggles, again
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We had these invisible NVG mounted on our helmets in previous games. They magically appeared when we pressed N key and it was so unrealistic. In Arma 3 alpha, devs fixed this and we could see nice looking NVG mounted on our helmets when not in use. At that time, I was looking forward to the possible future addition of animation for clapping down NVG.

Now, in the current dev build, they are invisible again. I believe this is a bug, not an intentional 'rollback.' Please fix this.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Place a rifleman of any faction
  3. Open the inventory and see if NVG are mounted
  4. Check the helmet and invisibly mounted NVG

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+1, please fix this ASAP.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

I saw this and thought it was a design decision, but yes it looks stupid that the NVGs appear out of nowhere.

It's almost definitely a glitch, AD.

Yes, I figured it out now. Earlier I thought they were some special NVGs (LOL) which don't have the tubes or whatever, but only the stand or whatever it's called.

its a glitch, why would the base still be there?

I think this is a bug, when you put them on, you get the mount and strap part of the model, but not the goggles themselves.

Maybe the NVG's should by default be in backpack.Its not that hard to go into the inventory and drag them to the helmet in night operations.This also gives them a sense of reality and not just a button click feature.

That sounds like it might work well.

You are right. I saw those parts too. Devs are possibly modifying the goggles?

Good idea. I think it will solve some known problems.

@Dave Zember
Not during the day I guess :) There are some people complaining about NVG being mounted 24/7 and even welcoming this 'bug.' This 'bug' has to be fixed, but what wolfstriked suggested would be a nice compromise.

I was looking at the Beta changelog ( ) and found this:
Removed binocular body from inactive NVG model

I think this is it.

Thanks for the info, AD2001.

SO it's intended removal. Is this really a 'rollback' then?

I think so. Why, Bohemia, why?

InstaGoat said at that those from the forum who can't drag and drop mounted NVG into their backpacks asked for this 'rollback' and BI did so instead of modifying the default loadout. What an amazing story! You guys are really smart, are you not?

So we finally got visible mounted NVG in 10+ years and lost them in a few months all because of those who can't UN-MOUNT them. Seriously, this is very much disappointing, BI. You should make them visible again. You should do what wolfstriked suggested above to satisfy those in the forum incapable of simple inventory work.

I agree with Deceiver. It's really not hard to put your NVGs in your vest or something. Or if it's a daytime mission just drop them on the ground.

I think that they shouldn't be equipped by default through x and y times, and at any other time you'll automatically spawn with them equipped. Also if they're in your ammobox loadout and you choose to equip it, they should spawn in your inventory rather than being equipped.

This might be a little off topic but I'd also really like to see an animation for flipping them on/off as well.

@Dave Zember

It could work, but if it's a 2 hour mission that starts at 7 and ends at about nine P.M. it would be impractical.

Impractical to spend 5 seconds to equip the goggles from your inventory? Are people really that lazy? XD

Did you mean not to be equipped with them as in not have them on your head or do you mean not have them at all? I understood that you wanted the second option, but you probably wanted the first one. Yes, that would be a good idea.

gpha5e added a subscriber: gpha5e.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

please, revert the changes, and address major issues rather than tweaking the perfectly working things, nvg's were awesome, why did you change it

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

There was actually a ticket asking for it: #7636.

No, I don't get it either.

I'm sure it will be fix soon.

Byku added a subscriber: Byku.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM
Byku added a comment.Jun 26 2013, 4:25 PM

Hahaha.... if it's intended, then it's funny ^^. I hope it will be fixed.

If TWO moderators don't get it...

Btw, I tested it today, and the NVGs take up less than half of your uniform (not your vest, your uniform) so it's not really hard to keep them in the inventory. You can just drop the (useless) chemlights.

riise added a subscriber: riise.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

+1 Fix it, and we need those clapping animations mentioned in the post!

DefGame added a subscriber: DefGame.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

BIS why??? :( please fix it

Seriously, bring them back.

Also I totally agree with all the other comments! dear BIS, WE WANT BACK the night vision goggles on our helmets and if anyone should consider it an object uncomfortable and unrealistic to wear all the time, these people are perfectly free to put it in their backpacks. I hope that some developer discover this feedback and do something about it!

Have the same issue. No NVG, but NVG mount is there.

Please bring it back.

If bohemia doesn't want users to have it by default maybe they should introduce a key combination like shift + N in order to mount/remove them from the helmet, so everyone is happy.

That might not be very realistic because it seems that in real life they're screwed in.

The baseplate is but the bracket and the nvg itself are two (or more) different parts.

That could be a good solution.

Fisgas added a subscriber: Fisgas.May 7 2016, 2:45 PM

Would it be possible to have visible or not changeable in each player's profile editor?

Chairborne (or anyone for that matter), how would they be attached/detached quickly? Does it require screws or is there some sort of mechanism that allows for quick removal?

@Dave Zember
Check these out:

And don't forget we can currently equip/unequip things like optics, uniform, vests, etc pretty quickly.

Can they be attached easily while wearing them? If they can it'd be nice if there was an animation for it.

If i remember correctly it's just a rail with a locking mechanism so yes it's simple. The mounting bracket too can be attached/removed just by sliding it in the baseplate and pushing a button.

Yes, but can you do it without taking the helmet off? Remember that you can't see where the rail is while wearing the helmet.

Confirmed as resolved in todays dev update

Mass close.