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[MP] Unable to access personal inventory as passenger of vehicle remote to the player
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As the title says. I'd quite like to be able to look at my pack and gear while I'm a passenger in a vehicle. {F20025}


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  • start attached mission in multiplayer (host or DS)
  • join with another instance of the game
  • enter cargo area of a vehicle with the remote player
  • try to access inventory
Additional Information

Since A3 Beta, this is a MP-only bug.

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I am able to do this in beta as is?

Don't downvote tickets which you cannot reproduce, it's a multiplayer bug.

Updating repro steps and attaching repro mission.

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Confirmed, MP only bug.

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Note: This bug also affects accessing character inventories and ammo boxes (which technically are vehicles, anyway)

It's fixed - I've checked it online today. Ticket can be closed.

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