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Split gunner and pilot weapons in gunships
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Please give the pilot direct control over the unguided rockets and remove other items from his fire selection menu. Similarly, remove gunner control of unguided rockets.

(cf. ACE 2)

How it could work:

  • Pilot can always fire unguided rockets if available
  • If pilot presses F, he orders the gunner to change weapon
  • Gunner can choose between guided munitions and gun with F

What would be improved:

  • Timing for unguided rockets would be easier for the pilot
  • Both the gun and unguided rockets could be used at the same time or in quick succession if one fails during a gun run
  • Especially when playing with AI, the human pilot would have more control


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I've got a question: are there any unguided rockets except the skyfires in the Kajman which the pilot doesn't have control of?

Byku added a subscriber: Byku.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM
Byku added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 11:52 AM

Nope. I agree that the Mi-48 rockets have to be controlled by the pilot. Rah-66(or..99) could stay as it is, as those rockets are guided, but i believe that they should add the possibility to laser-guide them(both Mi-48's 8 rockets and Comanche's ones).

I agree for the with the OP, the Skyfires should be guided by the pilot.


What rockets do you want to be laser guided? The skyfires, can't be laser guided, but I think the DAGRs on the Rah-99 can be laser guided.

nmdanny added a subscriber: nmdanny.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

Agreed, unguided rockets who fire straight, should be controllable by the pilot.(Skyfire)

Byku added a comment.Jun 23 2013, 3:16 PM

Why the skyfires cannot be laser guided? O.o Yes, i was talking about DAGRs and Skyfires, but if i would have to choose 1, then DAGRs all the way.

The Skyfires are unguided and that's the reason why they can't be laser guided. I think the Skyfires are based on the S-8 rockets which are unguided.

Byku added a comment.Jun 24 2013, 12:41 PM

Oh.... yeah! I meant the second ones in Mi-48, we've got 8 of them.
Edit. Nope, they are guided :), like hellfires.

The other one (I think they're called AASRAMs) are air-to-air missiles.

hladas added a subscriber: hladas.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

The reason why gunner has all weapons, is that ammo is not wasted.
If both pilot and gunner have some missiles, they will both spam them on target and 50% of your missiles will be wasted.

But it is very very difficult to shoot precisly at a vehicle or a person while doing a high speed swoop.

Gunner should have controll over the bullets. Pilot should have control over the rockets.

Just had a match and it was such a hussle to tell my gunner when to shoot and what to shoot and have him shoot at the right time. It was more frustrating than fun.

Also, please place a fixed crosshair for missile direction. I am using trackir and have no idea where my missiles are going to go

The pilot should only have control over unguided missiles because the gunner can lock on to vehicles more easily.

Byku added a comment.Jun 25 2013, 12:40 PM

Especially if we want to get rid of tab mechanism.

p00d73 added a subscriber: p00d73.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

hladas: the gunner should only fire when commanded by the pilot, so I don't see the ammo problem.

EDIT: sorry for the misdirection exxDUDExx, this post was meant for hladas.

Byku added a comment.Jun 25 2013, 7:19 PM

Hladas i suppose it's up to the pilot/gunner team to waste as much rockets as possible :P if they want. Anyway, unguided rockets in Mi-48 have to be used by the pilot, it's like that in ARMA 2, so i have no idea why step back.

Agreed with Byku. It's boring just flying the chopper. Everyone wants some action :D.

Byku added a comment.Jun 27 2013, 5:31 PM

Mi-48 - anti-tank rockets(skalpel?) would be laser guided and radar guided(by clicking on stuff and then it would lock on target[tab would go]), unguided rockets will be controlled by the pilot
AH-99 - all rockets controlled by the gunner, furthermore DAGR's would be guided ONLY by laser(and it would work like that also in KA-60... or OC-30? OK-30? don't remember :P - which would need the copilot to control the laser), as they are in real life. It would balance the sheer amount of them to MI-48 having only 8, and would give the possibility to accurately target without the cooperation with the pilot, and it be more interesting and realistic.

Moreover about countermeasures:

If the DAGRs in the AH-99 were laser guided it would need ground troops to use them and to mark targets which would make unusable for SP missions, although it could work in MP missions. And, don't attack helicopters sometimes go solo, without infantry?

And, btw, the Skalpels in the Mi-48 are AT while the DAGRs are only AG, I think.

Byku added a comment.Jun 27 2013, 5:32 PM

They can be guided by the gunner with the laser who would also fire them. It might create very interesting gameplay(it worked like that in ACE Mi-24 - awesome stuff, and AI didn't have any problem with that) - BUT... if we will do that we need the helicopters to be able to identify them on the radar, as then it will be possible to attack air-targets with them(hovering would be dangerous then, as flares would do a little to prevent them from hitting the chopper)... that would be sooo awesome... and now WE will need proper laser warning on the choppers!:D Oh the realism! Truly a skill of the gunner in one chopper vs the skill of the pilot in the other one! AWESOME!

Guys you need to understand few stuff... In helicopter we have gunner and pilot but meaning one is gunner does not mean he can only fire weapons... guner can fire weapos and fly. Also the pilot can fire all the weapons and fly...gunner is also trained aviator on front seat and is capable to fly perfectly as pilot. Pilot is comander of the craft and is most of time in charge of flying and navigating.. but if it required from hem he can fire all missles even guided ones and gun using head mounted sight or TV pod. Why you think 15 milion dolar craft dont have redundancy... imagine gunner get shot and pilot is still there.. should helicopter become incapable of performing task... offcourse not... so both pilot and gunner in arma should have controls over all system... only the gunner is in charge by default to fire weapons and pilot to fly... and they can switch betwen eachother when needed... so they need to add gunner to be able to fly in mi48 and pilot to shoot weapons. And missles dont need to be guded by gunner with laser.. it can be but hellfire gen 2 is fire and forget .. it has it ows sensor for aquiring target. Laser can be initaly used to lock on target.. then fire and run...


upvoted. for everyone interested in more realistic and immersive aircraft FCS please have a look here:
The matter of changes 4 strings,also bump this ticket.
Good for PvP,bad for AI-gunner(Can't say "cease fire",but you always can do manual fire).
class Heli_Attack_02a_base_F : Helicopter_Base_F {

		weapons[] = {"CMFlareLauncher", "rockets_Skyfire"};
		magazines[] = {"192Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine", "38Rnd_80mm_rockets"};
          class Turrets : Turrets
				weapons[] = {"gatling_30mm","missiles_SCALPEL"};
				magazines[] = {"250Rnd_30mm_APDS_shells","250Rnd_30mm_HE_shells", "8Rnd_LG_scalpel"};
Byku added a comment.Jul 20 2013, 4:37 PM

If that is so easy... i hope they will implement that O.o.

I thing cause usage the by AI.
This is raw tweak,I don't know how AI will use it.

Byku added a comment.Jul 24 2013, 9:49 PM

They've got like that in Arma 2, so i was very surprised with the step back

I would like to see how you resolve the "fighting over weapon selection" problem that potentially arises in MP.

What I think would be a useful compromise is:

  • Pilot still only orders which weapon to be selected
  • Gunner still is the only one who selects the weapon
  • As soon an unguided weapon is selected, trigger control is transferred exclusively to pilot
  • When a gunner-controlled weapon is selected again, trigger control is transferred exclusively back to gunner
Byku added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 10:32 PM

There will be no "fight over weapon selection". They've made it the proper way in beta patches in Arma 2... just check out Apache or Mi-24, and it WORKS and it's logical and the gameplay is awesome with that. We need to remember that the old "change weapon" will still work, because the pilot ONLY has the rockets, so he doesn't have to use "change weapon" function. So... it baffles me why they did it that way with mi-48. I hope they will change it. It's AUTHENTIC ;] and I beg for it(as a frequent pilot and gunner)

TOMMEH added a subscriber: TOMMEH.May 7 2016, 2:42 PM

+1 those times I don't take a gunner with me, that's why.

+1 pilot should have sole control over rockets. Gunner controls guided munitions and turret.

Byku added a comment.Aug 14 2013, 3:28 PM

Tommeh - you DO realise that you can just turn on manual control?:P

Original poster (p00d73), could you please improve your ticket according to the discussion (see my above comment)?

One thing to be made clear is certainly the fact that the pilot should still be able to order a certain weapon to be used. In your ticket you say "remove" other items from his selection - this probably would be a bad idea.

Only the CONTROL of unguided rockets pass on from the gunner to the pilot.

Please Bohemia...
Lets make some use of those Skyfire rockets for Kajman...
@hladas There is a thing called discipline.. and coordination.. Not all players are as stupid as some wasteland regulars.