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Unarmed characters can't use stance adjust, lean or crouch-sprint
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Read the summary. Tested in the editor and on multiplayer.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Go to the editor.
2.Place a civilian or place a rifleman and drop his weapons.
3.Try to use stance adjust (Ctrl+W/A/S/D)
4.Try to lean.
5.Try to crouch-sprint.
6.Notice how you can't do any of that.

Additional Information

When your weapon is lowered you also can't do any of the previously mentioned actions.

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You CAN do all of that as a civilian. You need to be wielding a weapon though. Same goes for military factions. Drop your weapons and you lose those options. Leaning would still be nice when without a weapon at the very least though.

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Confirmed, with a weapon you can do all the things I mentioned in the ticket. But, you should be able to at least lean and crouch-sprint without a weapon.

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voting up for unarmed stances being restricted, might want to edit your ticket

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I don't think we need stance adjustements but leaning would still be nice

I see no reason to restrict stance based on not having a weapon, if anything its a negative. Imagine playing a mission where you're captured & unarmed, having to sneak out of the enemy base and get away undetected. Being able to lean, crouch, peak up over a wall and the like would be remarkably useful.

Add to that the level of immersion it could provide to cutscenes, the antagonist is planning something evil, a civ pokes their head around the corner to overhear what's going on & then runs off to tell your commander which leads you to the mission to foil the evil plan.

Vote up.
Also, I would like to see those stances for Binoculars and Rangefinders too.

Oh sorry, you edited it already. My bad.

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No stance adjust if weapon lowered...

Added it to the ticket.

+1. There's no reason to loose this stance ajustment without weapon. Also look at my ticket on differents controls with the mouse scroll wheel, it's to have a better gameplay and in relation with stance adjustment.

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why would anyone vote this down? there's no reason the movement should be different unarmed.

This hasn't still been fixed? Also btw, if you where to prone and then crouch. While going to the crouch position from prone and try to lean. You will notice you can, but when the animation is finished. It will cancel that.