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Support for missions download from HTTP mirrors (primary) , FTP mirrors and STEAMWORKSHOP cloud
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Arma 3 server and client are missing ability
to define download of mission from HTTP / FTP / STEAMWORKSHOP CLOUD mirrors

Possible solution:
Definable server.cfg array with list of mirrors
missionMirrors[] = {

Client support to:
A. try server defined HTTP mirror(s)
...if download or hash check of downloaded file fail then
B. try server defined FTP mirror(s)
...if download or hash check of downloaded file fail then
...if download or hash check of downloaded file fail then
D. download from Arma 3 game server like it's already present in engine

optional bonus:
add support for compressed PBO into e.g. GZIP, ZIP, LZMA (7ZIP)
add support for sixnetworks SYNQ :

less stress on server, less bandwidth taken from players, faster downloads, multiple mirrors ...

Server owners and everyone playing MultiPlayer benefits (except servers on default settings)


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Please! Let us offload mission downloads from the dedi-server to some http stack!

  1. faster
  2. faster
  3. offloading tasks the dedi-server isn't really suited for.

Yes yes YES Desync begone

Please use an identifiable User-Agent for A3 downloads via HTTP. As a sysadmin of http-servers this would give me more flexibility on how to treat such requests. For example, limiting bandwidth, redirecting downloads to the cloud etc etc.

noted as AIII-1226

This is really needed. Most modern engines that have custom content do support FTP/HTTP offloading of content downloads.

less stress on server, less bandwidth taken from players, faster downloads, multiple mirrors ...

everyone playing MultiPlayer benefits (except servers on default settings)

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 2:26 PM

Dwarden, +1

Adanteh added a subscriber: Adanteh.May 7 2016, 2:26 PM

Please please please. I remember playing CoD2 (for me the first multiplayer game that I played a lot) and there you could download modes from HTTP servers. I'm guessing a ton of other games also had this feature before that. Could be amazing, seeing there's so much stuff you could implement in a mission file (Think textures/sounds included in missions for that semi-mod feeling). Not practically doable with downloading from servers, but with a quick HTTP download? Heck yeah!

Ezcoo added a subscriber: Ezcoo.May 7 2016, 2:26 PM
Ezcoo added a comment.Jul 11 2013, 3:16 PM

@Adanther, good points as well :)

+1 !

I fully support this; however please make sure the system supports versioning.

Especially for clans/communities who use custom mods/missions which are not updated instantly or are different from the original version.

Also; the clients must always have the same version as the client, which means that (especially when the server isn't updated regulary) always means that the client needs to download from the game server, instead of an older version from the external services.

Synq is already going to support this (subversioning), however the current ArmA engine doesn't (just checks if hash is correct, if not redownload, no matter which version).

Malfate added a subscriber: Malfate.May 7 2016, 2:26 PM

we definetly need to be able to offload downloads 100% for sure. Its really a necessity. Only increases efficiency and stability of main server

Dam no progress?

This will improve multiplayer a lot! +99999999

What is the status? :)

No news since over 1 year, really sad

I can not believe this isn't a thing... We've been waiting for our dude to set up an FTP for this for a month, and now you tell us there's no such functionality?... Unimaginable. With all that desync and lack of stability... Why in the world is Arma missing the most basic stuff? Like the server browser? Fix that crap... Ping favorites directly by IP, don't wait for ALL the servers to be pinged and just hide the filtered ones...

But I guess the "Indie" title comes at a price, Bohemia.

Reason added a subscriber: Reason.May 7 2016, 2:26 PM

This is a MUST HAVE for NOT JUST ArmA 3 but ARMA 2 AND OPERATION ARROWHEAD and frankly should have been added back in 2009 imo.

This should have been implemented years ago, Dwardens first post about it was created 6 years ago..

I support this and would like to see it in A3 AS WELL AS A2: CO/OA !!

Dardo added a comment.Sep 9 2016, 11:27 AM

Any chances that this could be added in the future?

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