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AI often behaves like rambo and does not act as a team
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While playing against AI, I often get into the situation, where the AI will just run up towards me like rambo.
Also, they never really act as a group, but rather every NPC attacks on its own. This is pretty unrealistic and often makes the game frustrating for me while in singleplayer. Would be nice if the AI could be tought more to act as a team and behave more realistically.


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Start a game with AI in singleplayer and you will notice very soon.

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I did saw them suppressing me while their buddy is trying to get to my flank, it might be that lone guy trying to flank you that you're calling "rambo"

or maybe I'm seeing tactic where there is none

probably seeing a tactic that just ended up happening, rather than the AI intending it to

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I think sometimes the ai seem to have good team work, but then other times I don't get what they are doing running around headlessly. And I also think they should stick to that perfectly good cover instead of running out in the open, they should value their own and their buddies lives more.

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yeah, sometimes i see them taking cover behind corners of buildings for example, but then again, they run around like headless chickens not caring about cover at all. Also i'd really like to see them behaving more like a team, helping each other out, carrying wounded away etc...

Agree, when engaged the first thing they should is find cover, return fire and eventually move to a better position.
Right now they just go prone and fire back, same if they can't identify the enemy position, they stand there without cover looking searching the enemy.

Rambo would be able to turn faster than that.

what does "need more info" mean? should i put more info into the description?

Please visit

AI behaviour is in continuous rework. Within the discussion-thread (2nd link) the developers have explained in several posts, what they need from us (feedback giving users) and why they need it.

"More info" means:
1.) You have to give a test-mission (pbo- or sqm-file within zip-container) even if you only put two characters at anywhere on Stratis.
2.) You have to give repro-steps. What have you done, where have you looked to, did you fire et cetera.
3.) You have to explain the characteristic behaviour that is suspicious or buggy.
4.) Optional: You can explain the behaviour that you would expect.

The developers need repro-mission, because there are several variables that can (!) influence the AIs behaviour, like daytime, fog, height, surroundings, environment et cetera. (Especially your Rambo-problem has to do with surroundings, because AI is on the move to cover and ignores you on the way...)

To sum up:
You have explained, that two concrete aspects of AIs behaviour are suspicious, namely:
1.) The AI sometimes runs directly "into" you.
2.) The AI does not work as a group.

1.) a repro mission
2.) repro-steps in detail

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity this year; assume fixed or too trivial etc.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please create a new ticket referencing this one and request for it to be re-opened.