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Player camera stops when you open the map even though player is moving
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When you open the map, player camera stops and doesn't follow player anymore resulting in you hearing surroundings of the spot where you were at the moment when you opened the map. This is most noticeable in moving helicopter, when you hear how your helicopter's sound fades with map open being more and more distant from you while you are actually inside the helicopter. {F19675}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start attached repro mission in Editor
  2. Wait for AI driver to gain some speed
  3. Switch to 3rd person view and notice car sound
  4. Open map and observe how car sound slowly fades
  5. Close map and observe that car sound is restored

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Added mission which works with actual data.

has duplicate: #0017427

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It is easy to reproduce, if you open the map in the moving vehicle.