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Character gets exhausted way to quickly
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Currently soldiers in ArmA 3 haven't got enough stamina in my opinion, a soldier in ArmA3 can barely run for more than 30 meters without getting fully exhausted and probably getting a heart attack and we are actually talking about trained soldiers here, thus I would suggest to simply increase the stamina of each soldier to a more logical level.


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  1. Go to the obstacle course on the Stratis airfield(best example in my opinion)
  2. Run through the course.
  3. See that your soldier is exhausted after only one lap through the course.

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I can sprint for 100-150m and jog forever, I'm not sure what you mean by soldier getting exhausted

i am not saying your wrong and to an extent i believe you but do not ask to much because remember that these trained soldiers are carrying 30+ kilograms of equipment and that can be exhausting.

either way i still believe it is a bit shorter distance that in real so Upvote.

I think that it is quite accurate as it is :-)
If you use the steady running pace for generally getting from A to B you can run long distances with a nice steady breathing pattern.
It's only when you use the FULL sprint that you start to fatigue after about 100 meters, which is normal considering the load that the soldier is carrying.

I like it because it makes you regulate your speed, and resting before engaging long distance targets.

I use an analogue stick for my characters movement which enables me to cycle through the different speeds depending on how far I push the stick forward, and I only ever use the full sprint when evading enemy fire, then I'll take a rest.

I think that it is a very good fatigue system :-)

I just did a quick test on the airstrip which is about 1km

I ran the whole length of the runway at normal jogging pace and it took about 4 minutes 45 seconds. I was breathing heavily after about 500m and levelled out at a steady comfortable rhythm for the rest of the journey.
When I reached the other side I knelt down on the floor and regained my breath quite quickly and was able to shoot accurately within a short time :-)

Then I set off the other way this time in FULL SPRINT and after about 100m I was breathing heavily and was forced back to the steady jog but I kept my stick pushed fully forward. My character got very out of breath and the edged of the screed started to darken and blur symbolising severe fatigue. when I reached the other side my character took much longer to regain his breath.

It's all about regulating the speed of your character (like real life)
AMAZING system! :-)

On level ground I think it's spot on. I did a fair bit of testing with this a while ago. Uphill I think the the fatigue is a touch too quick, but only a touch.

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I think the speed of the sprint is fine, but they get too exhausted too quickly. Any soldier's endurance would be better. Anyone will be slower uphill than down, but overall their stamina is too low. To be more specific, they should get out out breath after going uphill, but recover more quickly. They should automatically slow down as they run out of energy, but not start wheezing like they have asthma and get blurry like they have a heart condition. Picking up speed as you crest a hill and then start going down, along with the sound of the gear and boots, is very immersive.
If it it was based on their load out weight, that would really be something and people would start choosing their gear based on actual real life considerations. "Ounces equals pounds, and pounds equal pain" is a common military quip. Right now it seems to be based on what fits, but carrying six to eight frags has other considerations than just finding a pocket.

When I played the Alpha Lite, the soldier could sprint forever and not get tired at all.

I don´t agree. In many situations, the fatigue isn´t severe enough, and on flat terrain it is okay, unless excessive loads are carried, when it again isn´t severe enough.

Try to run (the A3 "jog" is really a run, not a jog) 1 km with a plate carrier, helmet, full hydration pack, rifle in the ready, pistol, ammo for both, grenades and all that other kit (going towards 30 kgs, depending) and see if you´re exhausted.

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I really don't get all these "soldiers get tired too soon" tickets. I simply could not reproduce any of them.

Do some tests yourself: sprint 200m without gear, time it and look at the fatigue. >> result: 30s flat, moderate fatigue. That's around the result I'd expect from a physically fit person sprinting with combat boots.

You have to consider:

  1. You get exhausted fairly quickly - most likely to discourage COD like behavior.
  2. You regain stamina and breath equally as quickly. Specially if you kneel down.

So, you literally only have to stop moving and kneel down for 6-10 seconds and you're pretty much 95% accurate again.

TL;DR Vote down because current system is just fine.

I think the rate of exhaustion is a bit too much, in the combined arms showcase the AI is almost at the top and i'm only 1/3 up the hill (during extraction) and my character is wheezing and my vision is fading...

And downhill movement shouldn't be as exhaustive as normal or uphill movement...though i don't think you'll be able to run full sprint down hill with a load without falling...

BTW they have made some tweaks in the Beta dev build, apparently, i'm on stable so haven't tried.

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I agree that the rate of exhaustion and impact of the exhaustion effects (heavy breathing and vision effects) are too high.

I have switched to mostly playing in 3rd person because you don't have to listen to the asthmatic wheezing of the player and the visual distortions are less. At least issue them with some inhalers...

Exhaustion is or course fine, though I think it should be tweaked a bit higher (as someone who used to do a lot of running in heavy packs the current soldiers come across as shocking out of shape), but at the very least turn down the volume on the fx as they are driving me insane :)

Oh I meant to add - that in a test in Pyrkos harbour with an unarmoured civilian with no equipment I was unable to swim around the pier in calm seas without starting to drown. The distance was less than 100m :(

Edit: calm, not clam seas :D

I've used a civilian and walked up the Kavala castle, just passing the first building he was unable to sprint. He had default civilian gear

Up voted - soldiers with limited equipment get tired far too quickly in latest release (final) even when running at medium speed. A fit soldier carrying limited items should be able to sprint for at least 100m before sounding like he is about to cough up a lung. I think the breathing sound is also over done.

I like movement speed how it is right now, slow paced, I slowed down a2 animations and thought, that I will need to do the same for a3, but devs surprised me :)

Although I also think, that breathing sound is overdone, your character really breath as if he will go unconscious or die :)

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You get fatigued just walking or in tactical pace which is ridiculous.
A trained soldier would not get out of breath so much walking even when carrying full loadout.

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Yes, trained soldier should have more stamina. Other groups like civilians can have it less, but soldiers? BI are you kiddin us? Dont make pu**y from soldiers