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Add helicopter Lift system
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Adding a helicopter lift system to Arma 3 would be an insane new and perfect feature.
For those who tried this in Arma 2 " Script/Mod" It was fantastic, and the team gameplay raised again another level.

There is already a lift script in Arma 3 but it doesnt really work very well, prob because of the PhysX and so on.

Its simple to get done, it doesnt need to involve new graphic elements, just the posibility to lift vehicles to do tactical insertions or grap a damaged vehicle from an attack and take it to Base of operations.

Ill provide some pictures of the script in Arma 3 - tho this was quite buggy.

This will also give the helicopter etusiasts ingame a more thing to work on, giving them another task probably will raise the fun for helicopters.
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Dude duplicating my post..

Please check the other requests before posting one you're self..
Else DEV's will get the same request a couple of time and thats costing bandwith of there website and takes more time from them..


Brians999 this is a different but related issue.

That ticket wants an AI Position "Creating an dropping waypoint".

We want an overhaul of the way Helicopters are used and implemented, both graphically but also in the manner in which items are Air-transported.

The other issue is just a simple we want items dropped here.

We are talking about how it's animated and how it gets there. Related but different.

Its NOT about only the AI but a feature fot the AI to DO it and also for the PLAYER himself :-)

And actually animating and all that stuff is to hard for the DEV's..
They can create it but not with like everything as in real.
Thats simply not possible to do.
Its about everything that can be dropped. Cars, Ammo, RHIBS, Arty. Things like that.
For DEVS its like the same request..

It is possible to do, they just need to create the methods.

We (the community) can then make interesting MODS using these tools. They need to implement many of these Animations, Scripts and tools so we can build things.

The last few method for Helo drops and VERTREP have been awful, in fact they are GOD AWFUL.

Parachuting Supplies from Helicopters? WTF.... Yet this was introduced in ARMA2 OA, and it was ridiculous.

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Yeah should be able to make the graphics also now with physX

Oh and the thing you said about we want items dropped here about my post. NOT true. Its an feature not only for AI but also for Players in MP and every mission. And laywinn changed this text now to:

Adding a helicopter lift system to Arma 3 would be an insane new and perfect feature.
For those who tried this in Arma 2 " Script/Mod" It was fantastic, and the team gameplay raised again another level.
it doesnt need to involve new graphic elements, just the posibility to lift vehicles

So now they are duplicated and not different lol.
I agreed with you about the grahpicall but he now say its not about the graphic element?

As i tought it was a big request but others disagreed. i join them and go for it.

Is it a reason you are trying to close this feedback?

No mate I like you I have respect for anyone.
But after a while DEVs or Mods gonna say:

Duplicated thread

Most of the time they do then and then they won't read it anymore..
I'm just saying and try to help that it won't will happen.
Youre not gonna be happy if its gonna happen with something where
you tried your best on and they only gonna say:
Duplicated thread.
Thats only why. I'm not actually mad or something that you post the samething.
But I saw a lot of times that they respond with duplicated thread.

This suggest was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Upvoted, this really needs to be implemented. Only issue I had with externally lifting cargo in Arma 2 was that it seemed to be fixed rigidly to the bottom of the aircraft. In real life, cargo is attached by a cargo sling or pendant. It should add to the weight that the engines and rotors are already lifting. It should also maintain it's own inertia and swing based on helicopter movement. E.G. the aircraft rolls left while in forward flight and the cargo swings to the outside of the turn (right).

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Would be possible to implement new anims and Characters:
Lift master: controlls the Lift system and or loading: IN chinook he controlls the door and rope(and maybey crane).
Little animation of door opening and rope lowering.

Question: Some servers already implement a script/mod providing lift features for helicopters. Can anybody provide the name of the script/mod currently used and working with ArmA 3?

why not google it? heli lift system arma 3 armaholic should be the first arma holic link

If you don't know, please don't post. Aside from this, those results have to also to be verified if they work within ArmA 3.

(FYI: My resulting Google search prior to posting my question here, only shows results from script/mods dated 2010 and 2012, well prior to ArmA 3.)

The obvious reason why I'm asking as previously already mentioned, several map makers have already working lift systems.

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for this ... we need a V-22 Osprey (or future equivalent).

If you look inside the latest stable in-game manual, you'll find they have flight instructions for take-off for the V-22 Osprey. ;-)

Noticed lots of additions/changes to the sling module within the latest development change log!

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This was added in Helicopter DLC afaik.

This was added in Helicopter DLC afaik.

It was, this post was back from 2013 when A3 was in Alpha

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Duplicate of T61416
@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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Thanks for confirmation.

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