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Requesting: Ability to remove Trees with a script in a Forest Area !
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I would Like to Request the ability to Remove Trees on the map by script.

It would enable mission designers to clear landing sites, crash sites and also make clearings in the forests.

Right now we are only able to damage the trees and to say the least it looks and feels not so realistic (trees falling on the ground without Collision Box).

"deleteCollection" Doesn't work Anymore! Even though it's listed as one of the commands available in ARMA3 ( was replaced a while back with "hideObject" which lacks the ability to Hide Map Object without IDs.

I use the following code to damage trees in a radius of 50 around Game Logic:

trees = nearestObjects [this,[],50]; {_x setDamage 1;} forEach trees;

Like I said, it works and damages the trees. I just want to be able to delete or hide them completely.

Lt. Lyko


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I totally see what you mean dude! Having the ability to clear out trees would be a massive improvement to our experience on Arma 3. I agree with you dawg 100%

ceeeb added a subscriber: ceeeb.May 7 2016, 1:57 PM

Related to #6783

Hey ceeeb

In case you didn't notice we both Posted FEATURE REQUESTS and not BUG related issues. I do understand on the other hand that both Requests are fairly similar to each other.

What he asked for is in my humble opinion not possible at the moment and never will be (At least in ARMA 3). Just Imagine the amount of DATA needed for ID# alone.

TREES + GARBAGE + RUBBLE + FOLIAGE + ROCKS + (GRASS)? = ?????????????.

On that said I still think my Feature Request is directly not related to his and would like to keep it separate.

Lt. Lyko

This would be great, to be able to remove trees completely. Also, removing a tree should be JIP compatible ... meaning that players joining after the tree has been removed should not see the tree.

It would be nice if we had command removeObjectsById [array] and this array was JIP compatible. This is needed.

hey Killzone

If you want to remove obj with known Object IDs just use hideObject Command and use Public Variable to control it for JIP Players. This is in case you want to hide something in the middle of the mission.
If it's something you want to hide at start just run it at the INIT for each player.

Just a note only.
At the moment according to our engine, when you remove anything from the map, "functionality" of this object still be there. I mean, when you remove anything eg. for AI this object is still there...

Does that also apply when something is destroyed (not referring to buildings, but to objects that just fall over and lose their collision model)?

No, when it's destroyed, it's counted as destroyed.

So can we have the command Killzone kid requested. He is very correct. It would be bloody handy to have. I'd get rid of those buoys in the SE of Altis.

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 1:14 PM

Implemented with the "Edit Terrain object" module. Solved.