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Chopper damage model is way off (Video)
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Not sure how to post a video. Unsticking the chopper was great.
However, landing very very gently the KA-60 at anything over 80 km/h will completely damage the chopper. However a chopper with wheels should be able to land at that speed on a flat runway.

Landing a little too hard will kill the motor, not sure why. Basically rolling landings are way off and choppers in general are very fragile.


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I beleve that this has issue is resolved and a very good balance is in the game. [^]

Also general damage model is tweaked and is now belivable.

Another video of insanly fast speed touch and goes without damage, and exactly the same touch and goes with damage. Quite a fun video to see actually

Here is a video of landing I did a few minutes ago to show the point

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Related to #1106

Agreed and upvoted.

Agreed and up coded as well. I know it's an alpha but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the damage.

I am actually getting really frustrated by it. Annoyed when you land gently and your motor blows up. Currently very hard to actually enjoy flying and transporting.

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It appears as if the wheels are always on handbrake so to speak, I think that is because they aren't modeled as functional wheels for the game engine. This probably why the helicopter gets damaged when landing with horizontal speed.

What I'd like to see is fully functional wheels with the ability to taxi on the runways and landing with moderate speeds.

Look at the second video. It does not have any wheels. And even if it were on breaks it would not damage the chopper. Just skid untill it stops.

Jesus Christ....That is far too fast to land a wheeled Helicopter.


You are landing it like a 747, they have huge Under-carriages with vast amounts of Damping, Helicopter wheels are for gentle landings and taxi-ing not for attempting an 80kt landing.

Helicopter Wheels are not engineered to land like that....Otherwise they would need Aircraft landing gear and that is uber heavy!!

747 -

helicopter -

Jet fighter landing gear -

Helicopter -

Just because it has wheels doesn't mean you can land like that. Just because a Missile has a rocket Motor, doesn't mean it will get you to the moon.

You've got to use equipment as intended.

It's like using a TV to hammer in a Nail, it can do it but you will damage it. You have to use the correct tool e.g a Hammer, in the correct way. You don't demand that they redesign the TV just because you don't know how to use a Hammer?

EDIT - Hold on we had this Conversation Yesterday.....24 hrs later here we are again.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

mwnciboo, it's 130km/h which is about 80mp/h no jet or plane lands at that speed. 747 lands at about 200 knots it I am not mistaken. That speed I was landing is actually quite slow, and if you see how gentle i was landing you would understand that wheels would roll and not do any damage.

Look at the second video of me boucing off the ground in mh-9 at 140km/h with out taking damage, and than at 70 and taking damage. I am referring to inconsistent physics.

EDIT: What ticket and what dev? I didn't talk to anyone.

Yes mwnciboo, you're completely right. However, the points I made in my last reply are still valid, at the moment it's almost impossible to land the ka60 with any horizontal speed at all because of the excessive damage receives, also taxiing would be sweet.

It's ridiculous, show me footage of a WHEELED Helicopter landing at 80mph...You are talking out of your Rear, a 747 does not land at 200kts, it is between 165-121.

At 200kts a 747 is generating lift and you'll never land.

Winged Aircraft have a much higher lift to weight ratio due to "The wings" therefore can carry very strong and robust under-carriage which is heavy. Helicopters do not generate the same lift, in the same way and so do not have the ability to carry heavy duty undercarriage, so do not land at this kind of speed or even close to 80kts or 80mph, 1/4 of this maybe 20kts not much more than this.

If your issue is Inconsistent Physics, then say that.

What you said is "However, landing very very gently the KA-60 at anything over 80 km/h will completely damage the chopper."

This is the equivalent of saying "I drove my car gently at 40mph into a wall and now it doesn't work".

Hitting a runway at 80km/h, even at an extremely shallow angle, in a Wheeled Chopper, will rip off your wheels, bottom you out and is Insanely dangerous.

Oh and here's our Conversation from yesterday...and the ticket is a duplicate.

I am not talking about name of the video. Look at the topic name. Than watch both videos and see what I am talking about. CHopper damage is way off and inconsistent. And again, touching the ground with the wheels and rolling is very different than hitting a will to a full stop. Please stop raging and think about the physics of it. wheels roll. Damage to a chopper would be caused if you drop altitude at too high of a rate.

Look AT THIS: He is going at least 130km/h on just the front WHEEL! This means that choppers can roll at high speeds.


No, you don't understand, I'm not raging, i'm giving you a way out, to say "Okay I was wrong, but the Physics is bad" I would say "Okay, fair enough it is inconsistant, but it should be consistently real, not consistently abstract".

I am explaining quite clearly why you are wrong, and why what you are saying has no basis on fact or reality.

When a Helicopter lands at that speed, onto wheels, there is heavy lateral force, not just a vertical force, that suddenly apply's on the wheels rearwardly, this essentially does three things.

  1. Arrests the forward movement of the helicopter, dipping the nose and because the blades are tilted forward, suddenly shifts the axis of the forces acting on the Helicopter and causes an acceleration into the ground.
  2. Above a certain speed approx 30kts, the sudden impact and rearward sheer is so strong compared to the strength of the landing wheels, they are ripped clean off.
  3. As the wheels are ripped off, the helicopter lands on it's belly or fuselage, the Tail-rotor will in all probability hit the ground, and then wildly unpredictable things happen as pieces fly everywhere and the helicopter crashed.

Helicopter simply do not land at the speeds you were flying on wheels, you can put forward any theory you like about, wheels rolling and the following will happen, etc etc. And no matter what you say, you are fundamentally wrong.

Your point about Physics being inconsistent is valid, your points about landing with Wheels and the Physics of flight are not.

I want the physics to be consistent and accurate, not some crazy Arcade Flight simulator.

Look at the two links in my comment above. once again I would not dispute this if I were landing at 150mph but 80 is ver reasonable. Wheels would have no problem getting up to speed and would ofcourse cause some stress but not enough to make any significant damage.

Anyway, the physics are inconsistent and that was my point from the very beginning.

Right,I'll keep this really, really simple.... Talking purely about helicopters.

TAKE OFF, is going from Zero to the required speed to generate lift.

LANDING, is going from a High Speed to Zero to bleed off lift.

As you take off, you are accelerating, the force increases until you take off. You are going from gradually increasing Resistance to no-resistance. There is no Sheer-force (only the Wind sheer).

When you Land, you are decelerating, you are going from no resistance, to Full Resistance in a time amount of time (about 0.1s conservatively). This is when the Rearward Sheer force occurs and rips off your landing gear, not at take off.

I have not talked about take off, I've been talking about landings.

You've given me two video's of extreme Take off's, interesting, pretty dangerous.

You are performing a Logical Fallacy, based on "If it takes off this way, it must be able to land this way".

But you've not given me two Video's of them landing the same way? Because Physics says no, The only way a helicopter can land like an Aircraft is to have an Undercarriage like an Aircraft and it simply doesn't.

"I like your 150kts, 80kts is pretty reasonable.." Is that how you think Aircraft are designed? Just random guesses based on pseudo-judgement from an ill-informed position with no knowledge of the subject matter at all?

Related (chopper wheels are indestructible):

It's actually much better now. Much more realistic. One thing though is that after being hit with a rocket (even 10 rockets)the choppers don't blow up in mid air. This is fun, when you try and do crash landing, but is quite frustrating since you never know if you killed the chopper or not.

They blow up if hit by anti-tank missile

In take on Helicopter. Landing anything over 10-20km equals a wrecked chopper.

If the current controls for helicopters are not just placeholders because they are trying to implement the ToH features on all the helicopters then they are totally unrealistic.

I played TOH and for me at least that game did not feel very realistic or engaging. I could not imagine those controls in Arma 3

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the chopper also stops in mid-air after getting shot down and falls straight down. There seems to be no inertia

My ticket includes the chopper having a incorrect damage model when crashing into water:

Your videos show the ongoing WIP with making helicopter interact with the ground realistically, like sliding, wheels, ect...

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I don't know why, but BIS seems to have a problem with the wheels on the wheeles aircraft this far

solution would be to activate the wheels as actual wheels and add a key for the wheels brake on aircrafts
(while you're at it add a key for the landing gear deployment :3 )

@arziben: look at this video.

This feels like rolling wheel and should be like this for all the choppers. I also agree that we need brakes.

Due to ticket modifications and comments, marking this as resolved. Probably as side effect to #9786.

The damage model in relation to water is still broken: