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[AiA] A2/OA tanks easily fall over.
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Despite simulation="tank" (not tankX) it seems some new/different physic simulation is applied to tanks.

It seems like tanks have almost no weight and at times a different center of gravity than expected.

Using tankX simulation makes it impossible to move them at all. {F19022}


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Install CO
  2. Install AiA:
  3. Launch attached demo missions on Utes
  4. Get into any of the tracked vehicles nearby as driver
  5. Accelerate and decelerate
  6. Notice how the tanks seems to have almost no weight
Additional Information

You can easily topple them over by ramming them with another vehicle.

AI has extreme problems; essentially always turning them over and eject thereafter.

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You do know this is Arma 3 Feedback tracker right?
This issue has nothing to do with Arma 3.

There's nothing you can do about that ,because this issue is caused by the new physx and only way to fix it would require mlods of the old models

so you have to wait for those mlods or wait for official ArmA 3 Rearmed.

Please, everyone, let's support forward porting of legacy content and enable such through legacy simulation config, exactly *because* there is no PhysX configuration for legacy content.

Hence this is a very valid request.

rogerx added a subscriber: rogerx.May 7 2016, 1:45 PM

Fireball: Suggest rewording the topic and description as such?

X39 added a subscriber: X39.May 7 2016, 1:45 PM
X39 added a comment.Apr 20 2013, 4:57 PM

just to make sure you remember
"tanks are not included in alpha"
this is something you should take care about when the first tank is out

Tanks are said to appear in beta.

Do you think they will be magically fixed from one day to another?
Obviously BI needs to work on their simulation and this provides them with details to ensure backwards compatibility.

This is just what they are after. See the link above.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:45 PM

Whose to say a team hasn't been working on tanks? With the new physX on wheeled vehicles I'm sure there needs to be said parameters on tanks as well, you shouldn't be basing A3 performances on ported A2 content.

With PhysX being a big improvement in Arma 3 I highly doubt they are just letting the vehicles sit idle.

With regards to those people who think this is not an issue with ARMA 3: this isn't an issue with the ARMA 3 tanks (which obviously don't exist), but the ARMA 2 tanks ported over, and therefore is a valid consideration and something the dev team needs to take to heart. While I'm sure the developers will make every effort to properly physicalise the (new) tanks in ARMA 3 (which I believe are already nearly feature-complete if the E3 demo was any indication), the lack of support for physicalising the (existing) tanks from ARMA 2 is disheartening, and unless the developers include the ability to patch a model with additional physics configuration, most ARMA 2 content is deprecated -- which is very unfortunate.

BI policy is to disallow verbatim copies of existing content to ARMA 3 (for good reason, as mentioned below). Therefore, we cannot simply rewrite the entire models from ARMA 2 to include LODs without infringing on BIS copyright, unless of course they grant explicit and written authorisation (normally to a specific party) to do so -- and since ARMA 2 is still selling like hotcakes while ARMA 3 is still a tech demo rather than mainstream, it would be a very tough sell to get BIS to authorise a "no-ARMA-2-required" port of ARMA 2/OA content to ARMA 3. They granted explicit and exceptional permission for CWR² to use the OFP content, true, and also granted permission for CAA1 -- but that latter one ended badly...

Let's just say that things are in the air without having a good and ready way of porting existing content if the BIS official models are restricted from redistribution. While that doesn't stop the community from creating scratch-built models of ARMA 2 equipment in ARMA 3 with proper physics, that is an exceptional undertaking, and the personal licences of all of those independent contributors would become a legal maze for anyone hoping to release a total conversion (the individual would have no such trouble if they create a personal compilation for their own use, but aside from the sheer difficulty in collating all of that content it also means negligible compatibility for multiplayer).

In summary, this feature should be weighed on the merits of back-compatibility, not on the merits of whether it supports tanks in an alpha build that does not yet (publicly) include tanks.

"All in Arma" is Epic....It's bring all that Excellent Terrain BIS has made over the years into one Epic Engine!!!!

Please support it, it is absolutely Brilliant.... Just need a Snow Covered Artic Island now and we are all set. :)

Ditto concerning snow & arctic weather effects!

Unfortunately still true even with A3 tanks introduced now.

This ticket definitely needs more votes, tracked vehicles from Arma 2 will be a great addition to Arma 3.
It's very sad that BIS don't fixed that bug yet.