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Silencer turning on the weapon
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Was in a chopper on a mission and I found some interesting things while looking at the guy in front of me (he had a silencer).
While the chopper flew around, the silencer of the guy actually rotated aroud the muzzle of his weapon. Maybe it's because of the heading changes of the chopper.
If the issue is reproducable (couldn't do it, because I don't have enough friends on arma 3 to fly the chopper and sit in it) it should be doable this way.
I will add some screenshots.


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Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Embark in the back of a chopper with a friendly with a silencer (RED).
  2. Loot at the silencer when the chopper turns.

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strange little bug, haha

might just be a slight glitch with the games code. the MK200s suppressor does spin when you shoot it. that might be related to the problem...

Is it supposed to move? Or is it a glitch too?

dont really know. someone should ask the devs. the gun is entirely fictional, so i cant really say...

Not turning continuesly - hard to spot.

Those were taken in less than a minute, during a trip from Stratis Air Base to Camp Maxwell. The Chopper was over the sea before turning over land around Agios Nikolaos.

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@Astaroth, I've checked it - it's fixed in the way that weapons are now removed from hands of players and players have hands on their knees (see screenshot).
Ticket can be closed.

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