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Unrealistic damage taken in vehicle / Over-sensitive crashing
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Since the update, when you drive a vehicle, you take damage and lose health every time you make a little jump or run into a wall or a tree, even at reduced speed. I know it was added to make it a little more realistic, but it's too sensitive, and makes it really hard to drive without losing any health.

I am sure there has been many people that have experienced this. Touch a rock = Instant screwed vehicle and/or death. This is most common on ATV/Quad Bike. This is too harsh. I feel that this too sensitive. You touch a rock, you die. Real life = You get injured. This makes offroading on an ATV/pickup possibly the worst choice you can make unless you drive very carefully. I would like to see damage inflicted in a crash lowered to a state where you don't instantly die, but if you are driving crazily at 100km/h and hit a fairly sized obstacle, you can die.

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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in almost any vehicle, quad bike is best
  2. Crash into a small rock
  3. Die

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Agree, running over little obstacles (bushes, little rocks, small fences) with "big" vehicle like Ifrit/Hunter should not produce any damage to the crew inside the vehicle.

Is there already another thread for this? Surprised this doesnt have more votes. Huge issue in the latest stable release.

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I looked but there didn't seem to be any.

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crash your hunter at 20km/h on wall, your wheels and engine will be broken <- idiotism...

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You shouldnt lose any health crashing into a small rock, small tree, or a small jump.

the vehicle damage is bad enough, but the character damage when in a vehicle is even worse! This will hopefully be fixed soon.

Voted up. Yesterday while playing wasteland I died because I tried to run over a fence... A FENCE... I mean, wires and sticks... Come on...

Developers should have this HIGH priority, these vehicles are made for hard terrain, as mentioned above, little or no damage should be taken from the inside...

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Dupicate of #6306
#6306 has been reviewed, but this report has many more votes

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Thanks for pointing this out. I have "merged" the reports into this one.

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And what is up with tires flatting if you crash your bubmer into something

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Related to #7414, which started as a report for damage suffered while flying in helicopters. It might have the same cause as this report.

Totally agree. This is also a big problem with armored vehicles, i.e. crashing a (Afghanistan/Takistan style) mud wall or a tree with a tank won't even scratch paint on the tank IRL (see Russian tank shows), but in the game (A2OA) results in damage to the crew and the tank itself. I reckon same will apply with the current model.

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Run a tank into a big mature oak tree at 30mph dead-centre, and while the tree and the tank may suffer mostly superficial looking damage, the personnel in the tank may in some respects come of worst vs. people in a good modern car hitting the same tree at 30mph.

This is because the people in the car will have a crumple zone ahead of them, which will decelerate the car over e.g. 1m thus a longer amount of time as the front crumples, with a tank there would be little crumpling so the tank stops comparatively much faster over a short distance e.g. 10cm, thus the impact the tank crew would suffer would be an order of magnitude higher as the tank stops BUT their body’s keep moving colliding with the stationery robust interior of a tank vs. the by comparison plush/soft interior of a car with its seatbelts.

Conversely if the car and the tank were to collide with each other THEN the comparative size, weight, strength of a tank given its ~ 40 times the weight of good modern car wins through.

So while armoured vehicles may survive things relatively intact, the crew inside are subject to more forces in some instances even though they are far less likely to suffer intrusions of objects/structures into the occupants compartment, likewise the weight of a tank will help it ONLY with movable smaller objects rather than immovable objects .

You can test this out by jumping up and down on the spot, if you bend your legs as you land you stop slower thus the forces put through your body are much reduced, IF you were to do the same but were to keep your legs locked straight for the landing even from a little jump, you stop much faster and the forces put into your body are much higher as the “stop” is over a shorter distance and time, this is akin to an armoured vehicle hitting something that stops it suddenly with little deformation of the armoured vehicles structure vs. something softer with more deformation colliding with the same object.

As for MRAP’s losing wheels etc, they are designed to do that, as they are a sacraphicial component designed to be sheared in an explosion so the shape of the hull can do its job, also so the suspension mounts on the hull remain intact so they can be put back into service quickly using standard kits when smaller explosions are involved.

Personally, I don’t have any problems with the durability of vehicles or damage to people inside them from colliding with things, given the limited amount of vehicles so far.

I am totally aware of what you're talking about, and I agree with the above *in general case* - a thick tree will of course be an obstacle. As an extreme case one can remember sequoias, which go as thick as 11 meters in diameter - hitting one will be the same as hitting a concrete wall, which will leave the armor mostly unscathed, but will influence the crew fatally.

HOWEVER, I'm talking about "standard" trees which grow in urban areas. Small ones with trunk diameter of 15cm and less WILL NOT be an obstacle for an MBT and WILL NOT influence the crew. This is not the case in the game - and there's plenty of such trees in Takistan.
And THIS is the problem.

ive been seeing cartoonish physics with this game as of the late.. bouncing off of crap gta style

See - the collision has been tweaked. Could You, please, confirm the fix and close the issue?

Mass close.