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Wing Suit for long range stealth missions
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Wing Suit will very nice if its been put in arma3. Now a days, army forces use this vests to do some stealth missions with long range jumps, without spot aircraft on radar at hi altitudes!

US Army Wing Suit Record:


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A Parachute would be something to start with :D

yeaaaaaah wouldnt hurt, but then again you'll only use it once a mission anyway and i honestly dont think its needed.

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retarded call of duty bullshit. no offense, but a wingsuit would never have realistic military application despite what your stupid arcade games tell you.

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Actually the military does use wing suits... Up voted.

It might be useful for covert ops missions, upvoted.

And don't mind John, from what I've seen he's just a troll.

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Agreed, he got banned from the bistudio forums for a reason, it's a shame he's still allowed here considering his behaviour.

Yeah, this would be nice to have. Not quite sure how you'd be detected in Arma, but for the purpose of travelling mid air, it'd be a good thing to have.

love it!...
could have an extreme sports server :-)

Here we go johncage hits again with his (non) matureness !!

You're right, wingsuits are being used more and more by military parajumpers for long range HALO jumps so they can avoid the risk of the plane being spotted close to the target area, maintaining the stealth aspect of the missions !
We are already going to have HALO in the final release (it's in the confirmed feature) so a wingsuit may be added in a later release (just to not slow down the developement process right now).
Definitively would love to see it!


Maybe we should wait parachutes to be added before talking about wingsuit...

Parachutes are going to be there for sure since HALO is a confirmed feature, so it's more than legit to make a propose about expanding the HALO aspect!

How can you propose about expanding the HALO aspect when you don't even know what it will include?

We actually what it will include (refering to the confirmed features on BIS forums)

okay then +1 ^^

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Is this for real? no thanks

Im never play the last CoD game, but, now a days, the US Army, use this kind of vests to make fome missions and and testing other kinds of wing suits with jet engines.

This vests is used to do many kinds of missions. Exemple is a stealth missions with far LZ and hi altitude halo.

Other kind of missions can be made with this kind of suit.

Will be nice if Boemia put this kind of suit in acessories.


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Duplicate of #0006234

Problem with wingsuits is that you're going to have a significant payload-issue with regards to the shyt and gear you're supposed to bring and carry with you in addition to yourself on OP.

Sorry, but this is downvoted for my part.

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I like the idea of wingsuits.
But since they lack the capability to transport additional equipment, it is pretty much the lowest priority possible for me.
I'd leave to the mod community since gameplay does not rely on it.

the military doesn't use wingsuits for combat you dolts. they just used it to set a distance record.

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Mods, can you please ban this ass from the feedback tracker too?

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There are too many flaws in this idea to work, even as a concept. For a start wingsuits are limited by physics to minimal weight capacities and their glide ratio limits them to a few miles typically (record of 18 miles I think). Current stealth techniques include HALO and HAHO for long range insert where planes cannot go near. A typical HAHO jump can cross 40 miles while carrying an additional 50kg of mission-essential equipment.

If you seriously want an addon for long-range stealth insert in the future, look towards wing packs, as they have the potential to do more than HAHO, but currently lack the ability to do so. Once in country, operators need to be able to hide their sign and leave with everything they brought in including parachutes and rigging. A major hurdle in the development of the wing pack is how it can be made mobile on the ground to allow this (as you would have a parachute as well).

Down voted due to lack of realistic military application now or in the future

MadDogX, Gryphon and defaul wingsuit is DIFFERENT things...
Open my ticket please

Wingsuits and Hangliders are a Must Have (There will be civilian grade "stuff" in the game correct?

My Hanglider thing got Downvoted I think yall should check it out and up vote I have made some very interesting points on it (check it out)
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While wingsuits are very interesting things and would certainly be fun to play with, I can't see any reason why a milsim should have them. It simply isn't a feasible way of inserting someone with over 35 kg of gear and isn't used today. For long range stealth insertion, I'm sure you'll be able to use HAHO (which is obviously way more useful for the military).

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This "its not realistic so its not for arma" is lame... ArmA 3 being in the future with fictional or prototype vehicles/weapons that will probably never be common in any army makes ArmA a tactical shooter.

/voted up

I voted for hangliders too go vote that up its realistic but they guys are just being narrow minded

Well ArmA3 is one of the view games that Has Physx in it and at the same time allows you to do what ever you want. So you can expect people to poost things that we know is not usefull due to different lack of features. But id like to see this because it would be interesting and since this sim is based on the future we could use this and see how this would work out. I mean there are gona be more beta updates so as easly they put this in they can take this out.

Arma is a sandbox, even though you might not need a wingsuit in most missions it is nice to have the possibility.

We don't need working parachutes, you can just land your wingsuit in a big pile of cardboard boxes like that guy on youtube did!

Also while not nessecarily commonplace for IRL applications, who cares. Wingsuits are awesome, and I'm a big advocate of awesome as well as fun.

I still think this is a great idea! :D