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Climb up on trees
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For ambushes, observing, hiding of enemyes, hunting


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add few momery points on tree with few poses, maybe as in new Assissins Creed

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I agree (even if perhaps it's not so important).

It would be able to give an other game perspective.

oldirty added a subscriber: oldirty.May 7 2016, 1:02 PM

i guess this would be cool...but pretty useless in arma...and way too much work

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 7 2016, 1:02 PM

not so mutch for me :) just do it as in AC3

Nanamil added a subscriber: Nanamil.May 7 2016, 1:02 PM

I don't think infantry could/would climb on a tree for observation.
Would be cool to be able to build or deploy some sort of small tower/drone.

Who put negative votes, sorry, guys but your brain is seriously defragmented and broken...

We have water and divers in A3, why we cant use trees for tactical and gameplay situations?
Give powerful arguments to NOT add it! :)

I think some of what you suggest can be implemented, but not as real tree climbing. Here why:

  1. it would be really buggy. All the textures collision, unnatural animations, etc. Your character can't even open simple door and don't look stupid (and don't get stuck sometimes) while doing it, can you imagine him climbing a tree?
  2. it would need lots of work to adapt the trees. They should not restrain your view, they also should not restrain completely others view on you, yet still look realistic.

But, even man on your image actually didn't just climb the tree, he has special equipment that allows him to do so and be able to shoot from that tree. And that can be key. Theres two ways:

Simple: Create small tree stand object, that is not as big as ArmA 2 one and therefore less noticeable. Like this: or . During the development of the mission in the editor it can be placed where it will be meaningful. It has an actual ladder, so there is no need to make new animations nor deal with textures collisions.

Complex: Create an special item which can be carried and deployed on the tree. And it would create small ladder on the tree. Something like the one on your picture, or
It's more complex, because all the usable trees would have to be labeled and probably adjusted. And I don't know how to make the stand rotated to right direction.

I like the simple variant because it should be relatively easy to implement. Second variant may be too much work right now, but maybe it can be nice feature in some future expansion.

Simply, you should want better tree stands, not tree climbing.

Want a powerfull argument?
Here it is:

too much effort for DEVS since they would have to work on animations and a lot of different variables for when you are on the tree.. also the trees in A3 don't really look like the kind you can climb with barehands and fully geared.

blinders, again... :(

Would up vote because I agree with putting anything in the game I could do in real life, but I imagine this would be a lot of work, and it's low on my list of things I'd like to see done.

EDcase added a subscriber: EDcase.May 7 2016, 1:02 PM

Use the forum for wishes.

This site is for BUG tracking...

Not tactically useful. A man in a tree is a stationary target with no cover. No sane infantryman would climb a tree to stage an ambush in real life.

TraxusIV I wanna pay with you in AirSoft and I show you what's what! ;)
Trees is tactical environment, and must be used

About a lot of work, here just need change tree modeler :D


I guess you live in a dream world...
The only military forces that used trees were british Soldiers on ACID, and maybe the vietnam geruillas.

Anyway, you thin its not a lot of work???

  1. Remove ALL trees

2 Build new trees
3 replace ALL trees

small part is done

we got no climb animtaions, making them neeeeeeds a loooooot of time

Just bring in your mind how we climb ladders, or vault objects at the time? and you really wanna try to climb trees with this crap engine???

You don't die in airsoft.

Do you know why that works in Airsoft and why it wouldn't in real life ? ;)

  1. Airsoft guns have a limited range, especially when shooting from a lower position. being above a tree gives you the gun range advantage
  1. Airsoft guns aren't immediately pin-pointable because of the sound, while a gun shot can
  1. Tree's foliage stops BBs, won't stop bullets

and a lot more reasons to go..

In reality, people being ambushed shoot high, so the am ushers want to be as low as possible. Another problem with taking tactics from airsoft is that the 6mm bb has neither the accuracy nor the range of a bullet, nor its ability to penetrate through branches and foliage. If you're in a tree, you're DEAD.

In airsoft you stop shooting as soon as you are hit. In actual combat you stop shooting when you are unable to return fire. For infantry wearing body armor, that turns out to be a very long time.

Now the place climbing trees MIGHT be useful, and I stress might because I've never been trained in SEER, is in evasion in the case of a downed pilot. Or in a dayz type mod where hiding is important. For long term hiding, you'd want to build a hide site such as are used by LRSD units, but if you gotta get out of sight fast, and there's a SUITABLE tree, meaning lots of concealment from branches and leaves, and tall enough to get 30 feet or so off the ground, then having the ability to climb it might be useful. But ONLY if you are willing to risk being unable to escape if spotted, and you intend to remain hidden.

Ambush might work against a single pursuer, but not against more.

@TraxusIV, thank you, right works, lot of other gentelment not understand it...
So if water not is can be used, why not implement trees?! :) who's agreed with us, upvote please. Trees have big sense

... I thinking not about only Arma, I try to exned engine features for all other mods and possible games, maked on this engine, downvoters not right here...

"... I thinking not about only Arma, I try to exned engine features for all other mods and possible games, maked on this engine, downvoters not right here..."

The devs aren't building ArmA up for to suit others mods, it's really the other way around, modders are to make of ArmA as they want.

I am not against it at all, I welcome any new feature the devs provide, but I have to agree, I dont quite see this idea going anywhere. perhaps make a mod yourself to impliment it, and see how many people really use it.

For scouting/lookout, its an interesting idea. Not so good for ambush... Another thing to consider is the thickness of the tree foliage and if the player will be able to see beyond it.

the hilariously bad photo did not help your case, especially with the kids with no imagination or knowledge about warfare.

but i have to say, i don't think this tactic would be very useful outside of the jungle environment.

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