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The watch should display AM or PM
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When the weather is really bad, it is pretty hard to find out if it's AM or PM. I would really like to have this kind of information on my watch


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No it should display 24hr time.

@L33CHW33D: I suggested displaying AM/PM because it wouldn't need a lot of work to add this feature to the current watch model, but obviously a digital watch display ing 24hr time would be even better.
The point of my feedback is more about having a way to actually know what time it is.

LOL'ing at the downvotes. Enter a server or mission that you're not familiar with during overcast sometime around twilight and you tell me whether it's morning or evening. Already had this problem a number of times in A2.

Make Love Not War, you could look East and West and see which direction is brighter. That'd give you some idea.

That's like saying "no need of watch, just look at the position of the sun or the stars"
Most watches provide this kind of information, so why not?
I really don't get these downvotes :)

jejn added a comment.Mar 22 2013, 11:29 AM

On topic: sure, doesn't seem to be too hard to implement even thou i don't fancy waiting 2h for dark in a game.

Off topic(ish):
I like the watch with hands as you can theoretically use the sun and the watch to serve as a compass. I know it's about as useful as finding the north star in night time but why destroy the possibility?

Agreed with L33CHW33D,

The watch should display the 24hour time, or in other words "Military Time"

Why is this even an issue?!??
It's never going to get pitch black at day, regardless of the weather, and from 10 pm to 3 am the light in the watch is on, indicating it's night.

Lima-Oscar-Lima; I don't think this feature request will be implemented. The 24-hour clock notation is a standard used by the military (and among many other institutions and the majority of world for that matter) to avoid any confusion and/or error. It's really not that hard; e.g. the start of the day is midnight is 00:00, 6 a.m. is 06:00, noon is 12:00, 6 p.m. is 18:00 and the end of the day is 24:00.

This would not happen. To be honest 24-hour time is a lot easier to tell the time than am/pm.

with am and pm, both 12hour times are the same, only the am and pm being the difference, which could be confusing. However with 24hours, you should know anyting within the first 12 hours (00:00 till 12:00) is morning till mid noon, and the last 12hours (13:00 till 24:00) is afternoon till midnight.

So to cap, if it says 09:00 its 9am, and if it says 21:00 its 9pm.


And I just noticed I had repeated what Polaris said.

jejn added a comment.Mar 22 2013, 5:05 PM

Not the issue here, nobody is saying to switch to 12h format.
The thing is under some conditions, you can't tell if it's 09:00 or 21:00 since the watch has hands and the environment doesn't give you clues as to which is the correct time.
Two solutions are proposed : an AM/PM indicator on the current watch or a digital version.

Agreed, 24H format watch would be much appreciated.

AM/PM, don't like it.

Digital watch? Hell yes.

Bogey added a subscriber: Bogey.May 7 2016, 12:57 PM

If you don't know if it's AM or PM just go to the map, the time is displayed in 24 hour format in the upper right corner.

@Bogey, no I don't want to enter my map to find out if its AM or PM...

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24h analogic watch would be nice. Divers and soldiers in submarines during the 2nd world war used this type of watch to know if is day or night when they are underwater. here an example

I think one of the reasons for having a 12 hour watch is for navigation purposes. Though I'm not sure that you can use a 24 hour watch as a make shift compass. And how can you seriously not be able to tell the difference between night and day, the lighting engine is vastly improved so even when it is cloudy in A3 it's nowhere near as dark as night time. A2 had the problem of being pitch black but A3 isn't bad. And I enjoy making missions that require the player to have some knowledge of navigation without a compass, it's knowledge that you learn for the game and helps you out in real life as well.

No, bad idea.
If you don't know whether it is day or night because of overcast, you just didn't read the briefing.

24hrs is how it has always been.

Helari added a subscriber: Helari.May 7 2016, 12:57 PM

0-12 = AM
13-24 = PM

How is this hard?

@Helari: Well, considering the watch only goes from 1 to 12, I'd say, very.

Bogey added a comment.Apr 15 2013, 7:47 PM

Why dont we all just vote up the Feature Request for "adding" a digital watch:

Bearing in mind the military do not use AM, PM.

Digital Clock is the way forward, thats why the 24 Hour Clock was created to stop ambiguity.

Equally they don't use Local Time zones either, we use ZULU Time/ UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time) to co-ordinate. Locally some Military use different time but in NATO everything is Co-ordinated on ZULU Time to stop major time zone screw ups especially when working with Signals and Co-ordination of global assets, Ships, Satellites and Aircraft that might have flown from a different Geographic Region. If it isn't Zulu Time it will be noted e.g Alpha (denoted as A) at the end of Date time group (DTG).

Becomes especially important above 70 Degrees North and South as the Daylight screws you up big time. (no pun intended).

Digital Watch will sort this, AM PM is a load of nonsense from a Realism perspective.

Sure, it would be nice to have a digital watch with 24 hour time. But it's not that big a difference. You *can* just look at the direction of the sun (I know that idea was shot down earlier, but still).

Here's another vote for a digital watch!

Downvote, don't want any stinking digital watches. You people should just learn to read the clock and sun like normal people.

I mean seriously. Do you even clock?

If its dark, turn on night vision or your torch.

If it's light, crack on

R3vo added a subscriber: R3vo.May 7 2016, 12:57 PM
R3vo added a comment.Oct 24 2014, 10:33 AM

The 24h analog format watch is a great idea, however I would apprechiate a stopwatch function. So we can finally use the watch to predict the moment of explosion of placed charges.

Kind Regards

dedmen added a subscriber: dedmen.Sep 13 2017, 11:49 AM

There is a 24H clock on the map screen.

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