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[Feature Request] Accessing inventory while in a vehicle
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  • Add the ability to view inventory while in a vehicle (even when mobile)
  • Ability is disabled if in a seat that has a special role

eg. Driver or Gunner.


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oukej added a comment.Jun 17 2013, 9:28 AM

Thank you for the feedback!

There is such feature.

There were issues with inventory being closed, when the vehicle was mobile and with accessible "ground" inventory, but that has got fixed even before Alpha.

There's a bug, that you can access inventory of a vehicle from outside and have it opened even if the vehicle has already driven away.

There is an issue with crew priorities in vehicles (mainly in MP, when there are multiple players - someone has the access, others don't, depending on hierarchy in the vehicle/squad) which is being investigated at the moment. Could that be this case?

just being able to look what you have in your inventory would already be nice :D

In #13802, there is a request for drivers to access inventory aswell, which is covered by the title of this ticket but explicitly excluded in the description.

Is there any specific reason why drivers shouldn't be able to access their inventory?

I think the inventory should be accessible from every position!
Such restrictions only annoys people.

Drivers (pilots...) should focus on driving.

Do you still experience issues that you are unable to access inventory as a passenger?

"Drivers (pilots...) should focus on driving."
By the same argument you could disable the map or the chat.

What if the vehicle is not moving at all?
What if the autopilot is on?
What about the gunner? In friendly territory?

The point I want to make is, let players take care of their responsibilities/priorities themselves instead of patronizing them.

This feature was removed sometime in december, why is it not back yet?

A dumb question, maybe, but why is this bug on "Need more Info" ?

The idea should be clear, the inventory of a vehicle can only be accessed from outside of the vehicle, which doesn't make sense. It should be possible to press 'I' and get your inventory in a vehicle, and then exchange stuff from the vehicle and your own inventory

And why is something that was available in Arma 2 suddenly become a feature request?

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Mills added a comment.Jun 2 2014, 12:40 AM

Please, this is so necessary I believe. Helicopters can't be acessed at all, unless they don't even have inventory

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petek added a comment.Jun 7 2014, 5:00 PM

Sorry - missed this one and posted duplicate.
Really do think this is sensible and necessary...
It Seems odd can't access inventory whilst in a vehicle. I can see why in say an
attack helo it would make sense not to but for IFV, MRAPS etc I don't see why the
player can't access their own inventory, their subordinates or the vehicles
Please review

Any info yet why it was disabled in the first place?

oukej, regarding your comment "Drivers (pilots...) should focus on driving":
The game shouldn't educate people on how to behave. Let the game's environment punish players who act recklessly, instead of enforcing artificial limitations on them. Moreover, there are more use cases to justify driver access to their inventory - a stopped vehicle, driver handing over an item to his friend that is able to use it freely, like UAV monitor, GPS a weapon (think of the future firing from vehicles feature). Right now, there is NO possibility to do that, not even from the map as it was in Arma 2. At least in MP there isn't. Please return it back.

oukej added a comment.Sep 18 2014, 4:19 PM

Added: Accessible inventory in vehicles

Please report if you find any vehicle (that has inventory) or any position with the inventory inaccessible.

Thanks for adding functionality back but it still seems you can not access your teams inventory when in a vehicle (you can if they dismount and you stay in the vehicle which makes it even stranger)....


@oukej unfortunately if the vehicle is remote inventory does't work for player inside. spawn a vehicle on dedicated server and enter it as passenger and you cannot use inventory until you switch to driver seat at which point the vehicle will become local to you and then you can use inventory from any seat.

oukej added a comment.Sep 22 2014, 1:39 PM

Thanks a lot for the quick feedback with two issues right away.

Oukej, I think this should be the behavior for the "access gear while riding a vehicle":

A "Gear" option for all passengers and crew riding in a vehicle using a "gear" action menu AND using the map (unit > unit name > inventory)
All the above should work for human players AND for AI subordinates - For AI the "Action" command menu replacing the mouse wheel action menu.

oukej added a comment.Sep 23 2014, 1:34 PM

Note that the inventory should be accessible in the vehicles in all positions under all conditions (as long as the vehicle has an inventory). Any other behavior is a bug :)

The non-local vehicle's inventory (0081150) should be fixed in the next dev build.

As for the SP map inventory access (0081104) - I'll report back once I know more info about feasibility of a fix.

As for the SP map inventory access (0081104) - I'll report back once I know more info about feasibility of a fix.

I'm sorry, but we are not going to fix this. Thanks for your understanding.

Closing as resolved. Thanks a lot for the cooperation!