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AI should use more suppressive fire and hold position when defending
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AI should use more suppressive fire and prefer to hold their positions in combat, instead of running out into the open to attack.


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I don't want people to get the idea that this will cause the AI to be super human. I believe that if they fire more often and hit less it will simulate the real thing and be more fun. I really had to narrow this one down and I'm trying not to go off on a tangent right now

Yeah right now they can one shot you from 1 km without problem. +1

Aslo, I have been playing quite a bit and I like it when they chase you. Sometimes makes a game suspenseful. I just believe that there should be some sort of setting in the mission creation that tells the soldier to hold position. But suppressive fire will always be able to be added to any engagement. The AI could also split their forces in half at random, and choose who will suppress and who will advance.

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But if thes only hold their position they won't flank anymore and i think flanking is very importand

There is command for stopping them, even for suppressing fire. Issue them the right commands and you have what you want.

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Can you issue commands to enemy AI?

@AD2001: What's the point of controlling enemy squad and how is it related to the topic? Either I completely misunderstood your post or I don't know what you want to achieve. Of course as mission designer, you can issue enemies whatever API allows. I really hope you meant it like this.

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As I understood, the OP wants the enemy AI be able to do this.

OK, understood now, thx AD2001. What about setting speed limit of their waypoint to SLOW? It should force them to move strictly in formation, I am not sure how it works under combat now actually, but it seems as option to me at least for a try. But I think this issue is not defined anyhow good to be taken seriously by developers. While the guy who made the post seems to have real military experience I think his statement can't be taken as "always wanted". What if I want to do a charge wave onto my position or what if enemy gets out of ammo too soon because of heavy surpressive fire? He should either better define circumstances during AI should do it or I would rather leave it as it is now.

The AI in Arma is probably going to take a complete reform if they are going to improve it. This was just one if the ideas that I thought could change it for the better. A feature has already been implanted into the game, and I've noticed a difference in AI behavior and you get a little camera shake when getting a near miss.

I've been making missions where I remove the AI's ability to heal themselves and reduced their health so it's more sport like. I'm going to be releasing my missions soon, once I feel like they are good enough to make a good impression.

I don't want the AI to be super easy to kill, but I can't set up the models to have vital organs do they can show realistic death qualities, like getting shot in a vital organ vs a lucky miss, so I made them all weak. This causes them not to run around and they fight back better. They don't always kill you right away. FIA is the OpFor unit I use, and FFA is the BluFor, if I'm not mistaken.

The benefit of this quality is that it needs to be adaptive. If you set attack waypoints, they need to act accordingly. Plus I think that there should be defensive AI, and an AI that bounds to your position or even tries to flank. This topic is extremely complicated, because you are trying to replicate the human ability to react to enemy contact appropriately and even use battle drills. A collective action rapidly executed with out applying a deliberate decision making process.