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Horrible rotational synchronization in multiplayer!
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IIRC this plagued ARMA 2 too.

Basically, rotation is not synchronized properly / fast enough. Rather, it seems that the final rotation of a character, etc. is the only thing that's broadcasted.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join a multiplayer server with two people.
  2. Have one person turn quickly while the other watches.
  3. The observer will see slow rotation, even if the other player turns very quickly.
Additional Information

Unit orientation/direction updates in MP appear to be limited by a fixed (and very slow) "turn rate" of approximately 180°/second (judging by the video linked above). This causes a variety of visual disparities between what diffent players see, and can cause other players to appear to be running backward/sideways or bullets coming out of their weapons at 90° angles.

Possibly related to MP interpolation/prediction.

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Thanks for putting this together, great video. This is indeed a major issue, looking back at playing Arma 2 it is obvious this problem is present there as well.

Yeah pretty sure we had this in ARMA2, but for sure this needs addressed. Thanks for reporting MulleDK19, and great video.

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Good video showing what must not happen, very annoying and it should be addressed.

I have added some more info to the ticket and set it to "approved".

If you have any additional info or suggestions for the ticket title/description/repro/info, please post them here as a comment.

Look at this please.

Nice repro video, happy to work with bugs like this one :).

Should be fixed in dev version.

Mass close.