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Metal Shed is too difficult to penetrate
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Metal Shed (<i>Land_Metal_Shed_F</i>, located at 028025 for example) is extremely difficult to penetrate with bullets. While it appears to be made out of 2mm thick metal plates, a 9mm bullet won't go through it at all and a 6.5mm bullet will have its velocity severely affected, drastically reducing its damage.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Locate <i>Metal Shed</i> at 028025
  3. Place yourself inside it
  4. Place a target outside it
  5. Attempt to shoot the target through the shed wall
Additional Information

Type: Public Alpha
Branch: Development
Version: 0.51.103078

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hum, find it interesting that the engine actually slows down the projectiles/ reduces the damage they cause

strange. I thought, "bullet through objects" was not implemented yet. I remember shooting an enemy through a wall with a full 30 rounds magazine and he didn't even noticed.
I am sure, I hit him, because he was looking through the wall.
so maybe you can also fix the "bullet block" value of buildings, while you're at it, Mr Zeloran? I will test is again in a moment to make sure I'm not talking nonsense now.

still can't shoot through walls. Can't shoot through anything. Except for Window Frames.
if I am lucky the shot goes through the Frame, but anything else seems to be absolutely bulletproof.

I think all things should have something like a hitpoint rating and when this is reached the thing should break.
Here for an example the bullet shouln't only go through but should also make the metal broken.

Thank you for reporting. This bug has been processed and will be resolved soon.

Penetration is far better modeled now, I think this one can be closed.

I've tested this in 111758 and the issue persists. 9mm fired at point blank now just about barely penetrates, a result I would expect from a much thicker metal sheet.

Ah, a 50 cal round does go through a shed like this, and the walls (in the game, i mean).

There is, however a shed near the Agia Marina petrol pump which has an impenetrable roof, even with a sniper round.

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